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16 June 2013

The UK Honours system


The Order of the British Empire is multi-faced creation given more often to our enemies than to gender variant people.   However there is a short and interesting list of those who have received such honours. 


Olave Baden-Powell GBE 1932

Robert Stephenson Baden-Powell  Order of Merit 1937 (also GVMG, GCVO, KCB)

Dudley Clarke Companion of the Bath 1945

Herbert Hoover KBE 1950

Ernest Thesiger  CBE 1960.

Lynne Braithwaite British Empire Medal 1976.

Jan Morris CBE 1999

Danny La Rue OBE 2002

Rudy Giuliani KBE 2002

Peter Ackroyd (Author of Dressing Up, possibly a crossdreamer) CBE 2003

Stephen Whittle (Press for Change) OBE 2005

Christine Burns (Press for Change) MBE 2005

Barry Humphries/Edna Everage CBE 2007

Paul O’Grady/Lily Savage MBE 2008

Bernard & Terry Reed (GIRES, parents of a trans woman) OBE 2010

April Ashley MBE 2012

Grayson Parry CBE 2013


See also Royal Command Performances by gender impersonators.

And also State Honours.

1 comment:

Stephen Whittle said...

Claire MCNab who worked with PFC from 1995 to 2005 also received an MBE. As she is an Irish citizen,therefore not a citizen of a citizen of a Commonwealth realm, the honour could not be awarded at Buckingham Palace as is the norm,but instead was awarded at a ceremony with family and friends at the Home Office.