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24 December 2012

Some Events of the year 2012: Part 8–Fashion, Pageants, Music & Performance

Part 1: Organizations, Equal marriage.
Part 2: Other Legislation.
Part 3: Persons.
Part 4: Spouses, Family, Kids.
Part 5: Political, Celebrities, Sports, Festivals.
Part 6: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Imprisonment, Nemeses, Internet.
Part 7: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Obituaries.
Part 8: Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Music, Dance & Performance,
Part 9: Art, Television, Adverts, Theatre, Cinema.
Part 10:  Jargon, News Media, Theses & Studies.
Part 11: Bookshops, Archives, Books.



    Brazilian models:

    Homa Khakeeli. "Androgynous models who ignore the gender rules". Guardian, 25 November 2012.

    24 May 2012. The trans models were pulled from a fashion show at SM Mall of Asia for Philippine Fashion Week at PFW's insistence.

    Claudia Charriez, appeared at the trial of her ex-boyfriend who is accused of assaulting her.

    Connie Fleming on the cover of Candy magazine.

    Isis King in GLAAD-American Apparel campaign.

    Casey Legler, New York, is a female male model.

    72-year-old Liu Xianping, new androgynous supermodel.

    Lea T. First appearance after surgery.

    Felipa Tavares, model in Rio.


    Cis Portuguese underwear model, Renato Seabra, convicted in New York of killing and castrating his older lover.

    Beauty Pageants

    The Donald Trump owned Miss Universe & Miss USA now permits trans women as contestants.

    Olivia Culpo, the new Miss USA embraced the acceptance of trans women, and Sheena Monnin, Miss Pennsylvania USA resigned in protest. Miriam Quiambao, Miss Universe runner-up in 1999, tweeted her disgust.

    Jackie Green, Miss England finalist, profiled in BBC documentary.

    Jenna Talackova was rejected from Miss Universe Canada, but then accepted after media attention. She made the top 12. She was co-marshall of the Vancouver Pride Parade.

    Kevin Balot, Philippines, won the Miss International Queen in Pattaya. Photos.

    Laveleska Dredrish chosen as Miss Gay 2012 in Nicaragua.

    Marcelo Ohio won Miss Transsexual Brazil, the country's first transgender beauty pageant held 30 October in Rio de Janeiro. Photos. Video.

    Thapelo Makutle won the Miss Gay Makutle pageant, and later murdered.

    Miss West Virginia won Miss Queen USA at the Circus Disco, Los Angeles. (more)

    Music, Dance & Performance 


    Ai Haruna (more) featured in AsiaOne.

    Cindy Bullens, New England singer-songwriter, changed his name to Cidny and came out as trans.

    Eitaro, geisha dancer, Tokyo.

    Geo Wyeth, New York, musician and performance artist.

    Gotye declined to deny that he is trans.

    Harisu releases first new single for 6 years.

    Heather Cassils, performance artist and body builder.

    Huong Giang finalist in Vietnam Idol.

    Ian Harvie was interviewed by Lucas Silveira.

    Joe Stevens, guitarist with Coyote Grace.

    Kyaw, 106-year-old dancer, singer and widow addressed Burma’s first IDAHO.

    Kim Petras released Don't Wake Me Up on YouTube.

    Laura Jane Grace (previous known as Tom Gabel) of the band Against Me!, started transition.

    Titica, (more) Luanda, Kuduro's Dance Queen, and first international tour.

    Vaginal Davis, performer.

    Wang Maoli , opera performer, 1st surgical transsexual in Chongqing, and second in China, interviewed 21 years later.

    Jin Xing 1st US tour.

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