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23 December 2012

Some Events of the year 2012: Part 6–Schools etc, Imprisonment, Nemeses, Internet.

Part 1: Organizations, Equal marriage.
Part 2: Other Legislation.
Part 3: Persons.
Part 4: Spouses, Family, Kids.
Part 5: Political, Celebrities, Sports, Festivals.
Part 6: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Imprisonment, Nemeses, Internet.
Part 7: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Obituaries.
Part 8: Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Music, Dance & Performance.
Part 9: Art, Television, Adverts, Theatre, Cinema.
Part 10:  Jargon, News Media, Theses & Studies.
Part 11: Bookshops, Archives, Books.

++ added later

Schools, Universities & Colleges


Accrington: St Mary Magdalen's School primary school. Mr Upton will return as Miss Meadows.

Camp Aranu'tiq, summer camp for transgender and gender variant youth.
The University of Arkansas:

at Pine Bluff: after complaints of discrimination, and a letter from the Department of Justice, Jennifer Braly allowed to use women's facilities.

at Fort Smith (UAFS): Laura King's General Psychology course sessions with a trans student cancelled at last minute.

Buenos Aires: first school for trans kids.

Chelmsford: Teacher at King Edward VI Grammar School returned after transition.

Concordia University, Montreal, students may use their chosen name on student ID

University of Georgia: Professor of German, Max Reinhart arrested for trans prostitution.

Giles Academy, Boston, Lincs, Ashlyn Parram, who has lived as a girl at home for two years, turned up for GCSE exams in girls' uniform, and was ejected until she printed off the section of the Equality Act and showed it to the headmaster.

Harvard University Health Plan added genital surgery.

Illinois, East Aurora School District set forth guidelines for transgender students to be treated according to their gender identity. The Illinois Family Institute is outraged. Then the School District issued revised policy against all bullying. In December the antidiscrimination committee was dissolved.

Maryland: Trans student in suspended after defending herself.

New Delhi: The Indira Gandhi National Open University welcomed the 'other category', ie hijra and trans.

Oxford has removed its gender-specific dress code following a request from its LGBTQ Soc.

Pennsylvania: University of Pittsburg introduced a policy that faculty and students must use the washrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates.
Later 2 students who had protested that policy were investigated re bomb threats.

Rutgers University, haunted by a gay suicide two years ago, stepped up efforts for all GLBT students, and known trans students now expected and addressed in chosen name and gender.

Stockholm school: gender neutral language is used, and boys and girls treated the same.

Texas: Launched an LGBTQA program.

University of Texas at Austin announced that trans student will be able to use preferred name on all university documents.

Toronto school boy allowed to use boys room after 200 schoolmates signed a petition.

Thammasat University: 5 trans students granted permission to wear female attire during the graduation ceremony.

University of Victoria now had gender-neutral toilets.

The Williams Institute and the UCLA School of Law now offers a LL.M. In Law and Sexuality including that pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Zach Avery, 5, diagnosed by Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, her primary school was praised by Ofsted for how it handled her case.



The first comprehensive history of Trans in Prison, in 6 parts, by Zagria.

The first year of English and Welsh prisoners being located by legal gender rather than genital status. Non-imprisonment of convicted trans persons for that reason alone has stopped.

Following a series of articles in the New York Review of Books, the US Justice Department revised its estimate of prison rape. The new estimate, 216,000 exceeds rapes outside prison. Thus the US is the first county to count more rapes of men than of women.

Breanna Bradley Manning, still yet suffering cruel and unusual punishment in a US military prison, was nominated by members of the Icelandic Parliament for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was finally charged, and a preliminary hearing held. the trial is due in 2013.

Carla Bruna, female impersonator, sued because put in female jail.

CeCe McDonald (more) is serving 41 months in St Cloud men's prison, Minnesota for self-defense.

Glen Cooper, Whangarei, NZ, sentenced to 2 years 1 month in a men's jail for wounding with intent to injure.

Ophelia De'Lonta, in a men's prison, sued again to obtain surgery.

Michelle Kosilek, Massachusetts inmate, won ruling to be provided with transgender surgery, but this was later suspended. However her lawyers were awarded $700,000 in legal fees. The team has offered to dismiss their request for legal fees if the state drops the appeal and pays for the surgery.

Toronto Don Jail. Guard transitioning on job.

Kingston penitentiary. Supply officer transitioning on job.

Chicago Police Department's new procedures mandates that perferred names and pronouns are to be used, derogatory language not be used; transpersons are to be transported and jailed alone when possible; access to hormones to continue; possession of needles alone not to be taken as evidence of crime.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), after meeting with the National Trans Police Association, issued new guidelines that officers with a gender recognition certificate may carry out intimate searches of suspects of the same gender. When the police feel that they need to do an intimate search of a person who is possibly trans, the person is to be asked for their preference as to whether they wish to be treated as male or female, and failing that the lifestyle that they predominately follow is to be respected. As usual, the police are not to request an actual gender recognition certificate. Unfortunately the initial statement contained: the new guidelines would reduce the opportunity “for transvestite and transsexual detainees to attempt to ‘manipulate’ their stated sex in an attempt to embarrass and discredit the Police Service” - but this was quickly removed when questioned.

Japanese Justice Ministry: Prisoners with GID can request a solitary cell, bathe alone, wear underwear and hair style of identity gender.

Los Angeles Police announce separate detention facilities for transgender inmates.
Tutwiler Prison for Women, Alabama. Equal Justice Initiative released a report on the frequent rape of inmates by the male corrections officers.

US Supreme Court declined to hear Wisconsin's appeal of the ruling that struck down the Inmate Sex-change Prevention Act.
  • Nat Smith & Eric A. Stanley. Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex. Oakland, CA: AK Press, 2011. Review.



Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, declared at its annual meeting that there is no cure for homosexuality, and the promise of one offers false hope.

Conway Hall, London, declined to host RadFem2012 in that it might contravene the Equalities Act. Sheila Jeffries article in the Guardian. Roz Kaveney's article. Both 29 May 2012.

Dirt wrote an interesting essay on why she does not identify with RadFems.

Germaine Greer was glitterbombed at a book signing in Wellington, NZ.

John Derbyshire, a strident supporter of Michael Bailey and opponent of female suffrage, was fired from the conservative National Review after writing a piece that was too racist.

John Mutoko, Zimbabwean gospel musician denounced homosexuality, racism and sex changes which he witnessed during his stay in the UK.

Julie Bindel, in interview with Paris Lees, apologized for some of her written comments about trans persons. Video. This was denounced on Dirty White Boi and Gender Transder.

Margaret Cerullo, a professor at Hampshire College, Massachusetts who has never written a book, thinking to support one trans woman whom she knows, demanded the suppression of the trans woman's wife' book even though she has not read it. With friends like this we don't need enemies.

Maggie Gallagher was abandoned by a heterosexual male and left to raise their child alone. Hence she became the president and chairman of the National Organization for Marriage which opposes equal marriages and GLBT rights.

Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail Columnist, Toronto, who endorsed Micheal Bailey and Alice Dreger, has been accused of plagiarism.

Rob Anders, Conservative MP from Calgary West, who regards Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and suggested that the opposition leader accelerated his predecessor's death, put a petition on his website for his constituents to sign that claims that the trans right bill will give "transgendered men access to women’s public washroom facilities".

Rosemary McLeod, Wellington, NZ, wrote 'Why I feel for the kids of ego-trippers', published in The Dominion Post about trans parents and refused to recognize their gender.

Peter J Reilly. “Jill Stein And The Green Party On Protecting Female Only Spaces”. Forbes, 10/09/2012.


Cesar Valle failed to appear at his trial for robbing a trans brothel and threatening to murder the prostitutes. A $1m warrent was issued for his arrest.

Qasim Raqib, Detroit was given 25-40 years for mutilating Shelley Hilliard and setting her alight on the street.



Rose White (Rxlx) attempted to re-introduce HBS to Wikipedia under the term Manifest Determination. White blamed ‘homosexuals at CAMH” for its removal. She also visited GenderTrender to inform them that “Lesbians must realise that everytime they put their tongue to another woman’s mouth or vagina they get some estrogen and it gives them the same dementia as Estrogen/HRT is know to do to menopausal women. This dementia and paranoia then outlets as man hating in general and transphobia in particular.”

Donna Reiser, in her blog Purple Speaks, denied being Courtney Holder and wrote “this ‘Courtney’ person may have once been a real person but killed herself years ago since she got of being lumped with TGs and LGBTs”. Then Courtney wrote to Zagria using the pseudonym of ‘Purple’. Zagria replied that she was pleased to find that Courtney was indeed alive. ++In December Donna was quoted on Gender Trender. She did not like to be treated as she treats other trans women and be referred to by male pronouns. GT replied with a post on Donna, and Donna replied by making her blog private so that no-one can read it.

Toronto trans porn star and activist Drew DeVeaux proposed the concept 'Cotton Ceiling' to explain the experiences queer trans women have with simultaneous social inclusion and sexual exclusion within the broader queer women’s communities. Basically, it means that cis queer women will be friends with us and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners. This was followed by workshop organized by Morgan Page: “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Trans Women” as part of the Planned Parenthood conference at Toronto's Sherbourne Health Centre. Comments by Natalie Reed, Suzan Cook, CN Lester, Roz Kaveney.

New blogs and Websites.


Dylan, a University of Southern California student, has set up a tumblr website for US trans persons seeking accomodation.

Jen created We Happy Trans.

New Biography blog: Moje Transpłciowe Bohaterki - My Transgender Heroines 

Buck Angel started a website for those who want to meet trans men.

Gender Identity Watch. Radfem perspective with misgenderings, but a thorough list of US legal changes, with a few token entries for other countries.

Apparently discontinued blogs etc (but some such do return after a break):


TS-Si, the one-time HBS site that later renounced the label but retained a separatist tilt, has closed. was a forum where different members wrote biographies and histories about trans persons. In some ways the group was comparable to this blog. However it was a) designated an adult forum as if transgender were a sexual activity b) it was members only to prevent the public from reading it. It was active from 2002-8, and then activity fell off. This year the organizers decided that they really did not want to be read, and all lurkers (=readers) were purged. That reduced the membership to 2. The home page now says that the Group is being prepared for deletion.

anger is justified

Associacao das Travestis e Transexuais do RJ

Bitterness Barbie

The Gender Trust Blog

Gender and Life's Paths

Gender Reality

Moving On Up a Little Higher


Transgender Workplace Diversity

Trans Universe


TS/IS Liberation - author Dana Lane Taylor apologized. She now blogs at Interwebz.

Blogs changed: 


Riding the Second Wave announced that it has removed all trans themed blog entries and that transsexuals are not encouraged to read it.

The Transexual Menace, like Women Born Transsexual, has become a general news digest, wherein it is difficult to filter out the non-trans stuff.

Web Videos


I am: Trans People Speak. A Project of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

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