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31 May 2012

Allanah Starr (198?–) performer.

Starr was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, where she grew up as an effeminate boy frequently harassed at school. At 15 she joined a gay-and-lesbian youth group, and became confident enough to win a school contest with a drag performance.

She went to a fashion college, and also started dancing professionally in clubs, sometimes using the name Damien Divine. Allanah worked at transy-themed restaurant, Lucky Cheng’s, in Miami. With help from a co-worker, she started hormones and electrolysis. She found a plastic surgeon, and had a nose job, an ear job and breast implants, funded by an admirer she met at Lucky Cheng’s. She started doing porn, and also escorting.

She moved to New York, initially working through an agency. She is 36DD and has had 60 cosmetic surgeries. She has starred in a score of porn films – including a sex scene with Buck Angel directed by Gia Darling that earned her AVN awards in 2007 for Transsexual Performer of the Year and Most Outrageous Sex Scene.

In 2008 she and Buck were sculpted life-size by London Artist Marc Quin.

She has modeled for men’s magazines and performed at celebrity parties. She has become an event promoter.
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______________________________________________________________________________ and her Wikipedia page say that Allanah (under the name Damian Divine) performed at Madonna's 32nd birthday party.  If you check Ciccone's book, she actually gets a one-line mention.  It says that a bunch of drag queens were invited to attend, and also a bunch of basketball players.  The players pushed all the drag queens into the swimming pool.

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