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22 March 2010

Liz Lyons (191? - ?) performer.

In the 1940s Rubin Elkins, in the northwest USA, became a raunchy female impersonator under the name Lee Leonard.   She performed at Finocchio’s and the Garden of Allah.

Later using the name Liz Lyons, she became a woman in her 60s.

In the mid and late 1970s she put out x-rated LPs, such as Up Your Ass, Live at the Club Morocco, 1975, and Liz Lyons, Live,1979. Her later stage show often included a display that she was indeed female.

* Not the Lee Leonard, a radio/TV personality, nor Liz Lyons the social scientist nor the novelist.


Anonymous said...

Ok! This is amazing. In the late 70's I attended a truck show in Detroit as a young engineer. Naturally we found our way across the bridge into windsor, canada where we hung out at Cheeta's by the Bay, one of the better strip joints at the time. As we lounged waiting for the next show to begin, an old woman came in and proceeded to put her belongings on the small raised stage. Thru a slight beer induced haze, I thought, Naaha, she's not going to be the first stripper.. she was really old... but when she got up on stage we were all shocked and, at the same time, fascinated. What came next was the funniest comedy routine I have ever seen. She had the patrons rolling in the isles with her no holds barred raunch. Now, at long last, I find she was a female impersonator... wow... now it all makes sense... you go girl... where ever you are. Ha.

Edward Alford said...

I saw her in 1977 in Campbell River BC, she was fantastic !!!
She was so funny I bought her album and got it autograpghed