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26 May 2016

Jesus used unisex toilets

Certain parts of the US seem to have gone nuts about toilets.   The opponents against trans persons being allowed to use toilets seem to base their claim on something in their religion.

I am not aware of any injunctions or even any mention of toilets in the Christian testament, and I don’t see any being cited in newspaper articles on the controversy.

I have a friend who was a professor of Classics (the study of Greco-Roman antiquity).   He informed me about Roman public toilets.   They had running water to carry away the human waste, and patrons sat on commodes much like the ones that we use.  The important difference was that the room was was open-space.   No division into cubicles; you could see the person next to you   And the toilets were not gender segregated.  So the next person might be a man, might be a woman, might be a gallus (trans).  You can see such such toilets in the Rome television series of a few years ago. 

Nazareth is/was a village just outside the Greco-Roman city of Sepphoris.   A carpenter from Nazareth would inevitably have gone to Sepphoris for work, and Sepphoris would have had Roman toilets.

Think that through:

Jesus used unisex toilets.

Pass it on.

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