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22 December 2013

Some Events of the year 2013: Part 7: Dress Reform, Cis Surgeries, Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Performance.

Some events of 20122011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

This is just some of what happened in 2013.

Part 1: Organizations & Activists, Equal marriage, Other Legislation.
Part 2: Persons.
Part 3: Spouses, lovers and Family, Trans Kids.
Part 4: Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 5: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Imprisonment,Nemeses, Internet.
Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Obituaries.
Part 7: Dress Reform, Cis Surgeries, Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Performance.
Part 8: Art, Television & Radio, Adverts, Theatre, Cinema.
Part 9: Jargon, News Media, Journal.
Part 10: Archives, Books.

Dress Reform

The Let Toys be Toys campaign has achieved some success in persuading retailers and toy makers to tone down the genderization of toys.

Cis Surgeries

Homeogender Surgery. "Having lots of cosmetic surgeries to achieve an idealized body is not peculiar to trans women. An equally small percentage of cis men and women do it also."
Andrej Pejic, on cover of Serbian Elle January issue.

Casey Legler, Olympic swimmer, male model.

Carmen Carrera, RuPaul's Drag Race alumna, been featured as a W Magazine Showgirl. petitioned to make her a Victoria's Secret model.

Ines Rau featured in IIB magazine with male model Tyson Beckford.

Lea T featured in Benetton campaign.

Nicole Gibson walked the runway at London Fashion Week, just days before undergoing gender confirmation surgery.

Miss saHHara, has moved from Nigeria, where she was jailed, to the UK.

American Apparel put out a call for transgender models.

Beauty Pageants

Amelia Maltepe was featured as page 3 Sunshine girl in Canadian Sun newspapers. She hopes to enter Miss World contest. More.

Dani St James, nightclub manager, entered Miss Diamond Queen.

Jenna Talackova reached the top 12 stage of Miss Universe Canada in Toronto, but failed to make the final five.

Kasey Caron, Pennsylvania, denied right to run for homecoming king.

Kylan Wenzel moved her surgery up by six months so that she could compete for Miss California.

Sorrawee "Jazz" Nattee, Thailand, winner of the Miss Tiffany Universe 2009 contest, has had breast implants removed and has become a monk under the name Phra Maha Viriyo Bhikku.

Jaclyn Schultz is Miss Michgan USA.

Miss Gay San Juan pageant at Tarapoto, Peru, erupted into a brawl when the wrong result was announced.

Raika Ferraz, who runs a thriving escort service, winner of Brazil's Miss T competition. She won an all-expenses-paid excursion to Thailand for the global version of the beauty contest, Miss International Queen 2014, plus the right to a sex change operation in a Bangkok hospital. Ferraz, however, demurred: “I love being the way I am,” she said.

Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Homecoming Queen, Marina High, Huntington Beach.


Stacy Lambe. "10 Transgender People Shattering Entertainment's Glass Ceiling"., 8.22.2013.

Diane Anderson-Minshall. "The 5 Hottest Transgender Comedians: From a goth lesbian to a socialite with man-hands to an FTM who passes for gay, here are the funniest trans comedians today.". The Advocate, March 18 2013.

Luis Hidalgo. "Circus Life for Transgender Chileans". Edge, Nov 4, 2013.

Sara Buechner, pianist, find greater acceptance.

Camilla Rose, who is also blind, was chosen by the Portland (Oregon) Folk Music Society as their featured artist for November and December 2013. The Oregonian Newspaper refused to a story on her, or to review her music.

Sean Dorsey, choreographer, interviewed.

Vanessa Van Durme performed at Vancouver's PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

"Annabel" by Goldfrapp featured a boy who finds freedom in a dress.

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