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12 June 2011

Katielly Lanzini (1961–) sculptor, journalist, political candidate.

Nedson Antonio Lanzini Pereira was born in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul. He married a woman and they had five children. He was a sculptor and also worked as journalist.

He started transition in 1988. In 1991 already feminine, Katielly switched to working at the newspaper in Chapecó, Santa Catarina. She also wrote for Jornal de Brazil, Globo, Mix Brasil and G Magazine.

Katielly has run for political office three times: in 2000 she ran for council in Chapecó; in 2004 and 2006 she ran for State Deputy in Santa Catarina for the Liberal Front Party (PFL). In 2004 she caused a controversy when on Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT) she declared that she prefers women, not men.

In 2006 one of her public sculptures, 7.25m tall, in Chapecó was vandalized right after Brazil failed to win the Football World Cup.

In an interview with the magazine Época, she admitted that she used her position as a journalist to remove Nedson’s image and his byline in the archives of the newspapers in Chapecó.

In 1995 she wrote an article urging the football club Chapecoense, which uses an image of an Iguazu aboriginal, to change to something less melancholy.

Understandably, the tribe took umbrage and in 2007 Lanzini was denounced by the Ministério Público Federal and fined 50,000 Reals compensation.

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