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11 March 2011

Eugene C. Perkins (1869 – 1936) doctor.

Perkins, raised in Buffalo, married Margaret Curren in Florida in 1908.

They moved to California where he practiced medicine in La Jolla.

After 28 years of marriage, Margaret pre-deceased Eugene by six months. While his corpse was being prepared for burial, it was discovered that he was female-bodied.

What a terrible title!  “Girl Who 'Wed' Another Girl”.  It turns trans men not only into women, but into girls.   Even if the persons featured on the site are lesbians, it insults them by reducing them to ‘girls’, and by putting quotes around ‘wed’ it says that gay weddings are less valid than heterosexual ones.

Furthermore, in regard to Dr Perkins the site says: “It is unclear whether Dr. Eugene Perkins truly gendered himself as male or merely assumed a male identity in order to work as a better-paid male physician and marry her girlfriend.”  He ‘merely assumed’ an identity and kept it up without a break for at least 28 years.  It is this kind of unthinking nincompoopery that causes rifts between lesbians and trans men.

1 comment:

  1. Well put. Reading the site, it consistently misgenders each and every gender variant person:

    "Dr. Eugene Perkins and Her Wife"
    "Mrs. Adelle Best and His Three Husbands"

    Whilst the site quite well covers the issue of how society defines gender, it does everything with a distinctly transphobic edge.

    I wonder what Ms. Karam's motive is behind this anti-trans worldview.


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