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01 April 2009

Gia Darling (198? - ) sex worker.

Darling was born in Guatemala. At age two, he was adopted by a US single mother, and they lived in Valencia, California.

Gia socially transitioned at age 15, and started taking street hormones. Three years later she had breast implants. She has not had genital surgery. However she has had 45 surgeries to feminize her face, and 100 other procedures on hips, buttocks, breasts, chin and cheeks – the cost of all this over $150,000, all with Dr Mayer in Los Angeles.

She has appeared in many porno films, and also many television programs. She won the Transsexual Performer of the Year AVN Award in 2006.

She has adopted two Maltese babies.


  1. Anonymous3/4/09 11:21

    What concerns me about Gia is not that she's a sex worker (as I understand it, she also has a booking agency for trans porn actresses) but that she's a person so many talk shows have turned to when interviewing transwomen. Her huge number of surgeries feeds into the cisgender media's obsession that transwomen are somehow 'fake' and the entire freakish curiosity in transition. Moreover, on Tyra, they featured her on a show about transpeople dating (which is a good topic) but never mentioned she's a porn actress. She's also disparaged SRS (which is certainly her right) and said her surgeries are about attracting men... but she also identifies as a 'non-op transsexual.' Sorry, but that doesn't really represent how most transwomen feel about their transition. She's kind of a living representative of the Blanchard-Bailey "HSTS"... a gay man feminizing themselves to attract guys. Which is totally okay for her and how she needs to live her live, just not the person I want representing transwomen to a larger public.

  2. "Gia Darling (198? - ) sex worker." - 1988

  3. According to IMDB, Gia made her first (adult) film in 1998. If you say that that she was born in 1988, you are saying that she was 10 years old when made that film.

    No way.


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