26 May 2008

Georgina Somerset (1923 - 2013) dentist.

George Turtle was born with an underdeveloped penis and some female organs. His parents hesitated and then raised the child as a boy. He went to Reigate Grammar School for Boys, but didn’t feel right as a boy. He did not go through puberty, and grew neither breasts nor fa
cial hair.

After school he trained in dentistry and in 1944 joined the Royal Navy as a dentist, which he was able to do without a physical examination.

In his mid-30s he sought professional help and began living as a woman in 1957. Because of social and family pressure, she went back to living as man for a while. She took hormones and had corrective surgery. It took until 1960 to get her birth certificate changed, even though her father, a surgeon, provided the required affidavits.

The same year, she moved to Hove, Sussex, to make a new start. There she met Christopher Somerset, and married him in church wedding in Westminster in 1962.

Georgina wrote a study of 50 transsexual (one of whom was Jan Morris), but does not identify herself as one of them. Published under her maiden name as Over the Sex Border in 1963, it is the first book specifically about transsexuals.   While it is included in Richard Green's bibliography to The Transsexual Phenomena, Harry Benjamin, in the main text, completely ignores it.

She says that surgery should be for intersex persons only.

Her wedding headdress has been preserved and is on display in the Museum of Croydon.

Georgina died at age 90.

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  1. Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks! Her harsh view of trans people comes out here: http://www.bmei.org/jbem/volume4/num2/scipione_the_biblical_ethics_of_transsexual_operations.php


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