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15 November 2015

IOS Rainbow List 2015

The 2015 Independent on Sunday Rainbow List of 101 UK LGBT persons who made a difference is just published.

Previous IOS lists:  2014  2013

The count of Trans/Intersex/non-binary/etc persons is up to 30 from last years 18.  Persons include:

1.  Riley Carter Millington, actor playing Kyle in Eastenders on BBC1. 

2.  Sarah Graham, intersex advocate

5.  Dawn Rachel Vago & Holly Greenberry, co-directors of Intersex UK.

8. Jack Monroe, chef, author and non-binary campaigner, announced this year that is trans.

11.  Rebecca Root, actor in Boy Meets Girl on BBC2.

17.   Annie Wallace, actor playing trans teacher in Hollyoaks on Channels 4.   Previously a consultant for Hayley Cropper character on Coronation Street.

20 Jay Stewart, co-founder of Gendered Intelligence.

23.  Juno Roche, co-founder of Trans Workers UK and Trans Teachers Network.

26.  Payton Quinn, non-binary activist and comedian.   One of those behind petition complaining about Germaine Greer at Cardiff University.

29.  Jay Hayes-Light, director of UK Intersex Organisation.  

34.  Munrie Bergdorf, DJ and trans advocate.

38.  Sabah Choudrey, trans activist of Pakistani descent, youth worker with Gendered Intelligence, co-founder of Trans Pride Brighton.

40.  Charlie Craggs, founder Nail Transphobia.

44.   Jacqui Gavin, senior civil servant and vice chair of a:gender.

48. Lewis Hancox, appeared in Channel 4’s My Transsexual Summer 3 years ago, and is involved in My Trans Story, also on Channel 4.

50. Fox Fisher, co-creator of Trans Pride Brighton and My Genderation documentaries, and an acting course for trans students at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

53.  Bethany Black, actor and comedian, appeared in Russell T Davies’ Cucumber, Banana and Tofu, and will be in Doctor Who.

60.  Emily Brothers, Labour Parliamentary candidate, also disability rights campaigner.

63.  Joe Holliday, raised as a girl because of birth defect, now male, author of She’s a Boy

68.  Ayla Holdom, RAF officer, search and rescue pilot.

70. Laurie Penny, genderqueer journalist and author.

71.  James Dawson, best selling young-adult author, whose This Book is Gay shortly to be placed in every primary and secondary school, has started to transition.

73.  Juliet Jacques, writer released her memoir, TransWIKIPEDIA

74.  James Morton, Scottish Transgender Alliance. 

79. Stephanie Hirst, DJ, returned to radio on BBC Radia Manchester.

81.  Helen Belcher, founder of Trans Media Watch.

87.  Jake Graf, film-maker, 1st trans man on cover of QX magazine.

89.  Jane Fae, journalist.  GVWW

90.  Jess Coal, UK Trans Info. 

96. CN Lester, musician, co-founder Queer Youth Network.

Long Time Champions:


Caroline Cossey/Tula  GVWW    Wikipedia  

Boy George     GVWW    Wikipedia 

Roz Kaveney  GVWW Wikipedia 

Paul O’Grady/Lily Savage   GVWW WIKIPEDIA

Alice Purnell   GVWW

Mark Rees     GVWW  

Stephen Whittle   WIKIPEDIA

Ones to Watch: 

Ellen Murray of Northern Ireland’s Gender Jam

intersex campaigner Elizabeth Jo Roberts

Jess Bradley of Action for Trans Health

Alec Scott Rook, the founder of Trans Men Support & Advice UK

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