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09 December 2014

Some Events of the Year 2014: Part 3: Marriage, lovers; Transkids

Part 1: Organizations & Activists, Equal marriage, Other Legislation.
Part 2: Persons,
Part 3: Marriage, Lovers and Family, Trans & Intersex Kids,
Part 4: Politics & Government, Celebrities, Sports, Festivals,
Part 5: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Cops & Military, Imprisonment, Homeless Shelters, Nemeses,
Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Deaths
Part 7: Dress Reform, Homeogender Surgeries, Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Music & Performance,
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Marriage, Lovers and Family

Two lesbian couples, each with a trans partner, married in same Dallas courtroom.

Alessandra Bernaroli, 43, and her wife won their case to remain married, although no same-sex marriage in Italy.

Alexis Taborda, 26, and Karen Bruselario, 28, Entre Rios, had a baby by natural means.

Buck Angel sought $2000 a month spousal support from estranged wife Elayne Angel, who in return said that he is not a man, and therefore they cannot be married in Louisiana. However the California Superior Court ruled in August that they are married. GVWW

Dana McCallum, Twitter engineer, pled guilty to raping her wife, after serving divorce papers.

Gillian Simpson, 46, Lancashire, suing her family for forcing her out of the family business.

Harper Robertson, 23, son of singer Thomas Dolby, married.

Heli Hämäläinen, wanting to retain a Lutheran marriage to her wife, and was unable to have her identity number changed to one that indicates female because she would neither divorce nor convert to a civil union. She appealed through to Finnish court system, and then to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the grounds that they should not be compelled to degrade their marriage sacraments. This while not supporting secular gay marriage. "I have more privileges than lesbians". The ECHR rightly dismissed the case in that it is basically a conflict between Hämäläinen and the Finnish Lutheran Church.

Irina Shumilova, St Petersburg, able to marry her bride in that her passport still says 'male'.

Jackson Mukasa, 19, and her husband, in Uganda, arrested and charged with sexual activity against 'the order of nature'.

Jenny Kate married in a religious ceremony in Teresina, Piaui.

Katie Hill and Arin Andrews, Oklahoma, broke up as a couple, are still friends, were in the Barney's fashion film, have each written an autobiography.

Kieran Moloney, 23, New Zealander in London, set to marry.

Luisa Paz, the coordinator in Santiago del Estero Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgender Argentina and Jose Coria, her partner of 29 years married.

MB who transitioned but decided as a Christian to stay married "in the sight of God" to her wife of 38 years and the mother of their two children – a decision which blocked MB's entitlement to a female pension - lost her case in the appeal court.

Meghan Stabler – Working Mother of the Year Award

Nick and his bride, Mississippi, posted a picture of their wedding license on Facebook. American Family Association saw it, denounced them on its radio show, which led to employment problems.

Nick and Bianca Bowser, Kentucky, neither being able to afford transgender surgery, have had two children.

Paige Phoenix, recording artist with a male passport, and his wife had their marriage invalidated in that Victoria state will not reissue his birth certificate until after surgery. Appealing to UN Human Rights Committee.

Ryan/Ria, 22, bi-gender, has found a girlfriend who does not mind.

Mr & Mrs Ratcliffe divorced when Andrew became Kate, and now they have remarried as a same-sex couple.

Sawyer Steele, 32, San Francisco, married.

Thomas Beatie secured permission to divorce his wife in Arizona, that their Hawai'i marriage was not considered to be 'same-sex'. Later he was charged with stalking her by fixing a GPS device to her car.

An American trans man, residing in Sweden, who gave birth to a child earlier this year has won the right to be registered as the father of the child. The decision has been appealed by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Berlin man who gave birth must be registered as the child's mother, a court has ruled.
    Transgender Parents. Dir: Rémy Huberdeau Canada 2014. Website. Newsarticle. A variety of trans parents and children.

    Trans & Intersex Kids

    A.J. , 6, Kansas.
    Aly, 17, New Hampshire, has completed surgery.
    Ashton, 16, has transitioned
    Cee Cee given time on KOLO 8 news station.
    Eli, 17, started transition at age 8, testified to an education committee in Sacramento, and graduated high school.
    Harriette, 11, BC, among first to change sex on birth certificate after law changed.
    Isabella, 8, Winnipeg, school went well until one parent starting screaming and harassing.
    Isabelle, 11, Australia
    Jazz posted a Youtube video urging accepting all as they are.
    Jaden, 17, in Murrieta, Peru, treated well at school.
    Jake, 6, successfully at school as a boy, but father is seeking custody to force him to go to school as a girl. Mother needs to raise $19,000 for legal fees.
    Jay, 13, son of singer R Kelly, started transition.
    Jes, Las Vegas, transitioned at 19, his mother put a celebratory announcement on FaceBook.
    Liam, son of actress Adjoa Andoh.
    Naomi, 15, Utah, makes YouTube videos.
    Nicole – Miane Supreme Judicial Court ruled that she should use the girls' restroom.
    N.H., 5, Oregon, moved to school where he can be a boy.
    Rachel, 13, New Jersey, has a new school.
    Renn, 6, Saskatoon. Mother complained to Human Rights Commission re refusal to revise daughter's birth certificate.
    Riley, 17, Pennsylvania, committed suicide.
    Ryan, 4th grade, Chicago.
    Ryland, 5, San Diego,
    Scott, Oregon.
    Wren, 12, Alberta got a revised birth certificate.
    A 2-year-old with ambiguous genitals was surgically re-assigned to male at Sishu Bhawan hospital in Cuttack, Odisha.


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      (1) Evidence from these studies suggests that the majority of gender nonconforming children are not gender dysphoric adolescents or adults.
      (2) It does not support the stereotype that most children who are actually gender dysphoric will “desist” in their gender identities before adolescence.
      (3) These studies do acknowledge that intense anatomic dysphoria in childhood may be associated with persistent gender dysphoria and persistent gender identity through adolescence.
      (4) Speculation that allowing childhood social transition traps cisgender youth in roles that are incongruent with their identities is not supported by evidence.
      (5) These studies fail to examine the diagnostic value of Real Life Experience in congruent gender roles for gender dysphoric children.


      • I am Leo. With 13-year-old Leo. UK CBBC 17 November 2014.
      • In the Turn. Dir: Erica Tremblay, with 10-year-old Crystal. Canada 113 mins 2014. IMDB Newsarticle.
      • My Child. Dir: Can Candan. Turkey 83 nibs 2013. Raising trans and queer kids. IMDB Newsarticle.

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