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17 December 2014

Some Events of 2014: Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Deaths

Part 1: Organizations & Activists, Equal marriage, Other Legislation.
Part 2: Persons,
Part 3: Marriage, Lovers and Family, Trans & Intersex Kids,
Part 4: Politics & Government, Celebrities, Sports, Festivals,
Part 5: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Cops & Military, Imprisonment, Homeless Shelters, Nemeses.
Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Deaths
Part 7: Dress Reform, Homeogender Surgeries, Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Music & Performance,
Part 8: Internet, Art, Radio, Adverts, Theatre, Cinema
Part 9: Jargon, Magazines & Newspapers, Journal Articles & Studies,
Part 10: Archives, Theses, Books.

Doctors & Sexologists

American Medical Association: Trans people shouldn’t need surgery for legal gender recognition.

2nd Eurasian Trans Health conference, Moscow October 27-8.

Douglas Ousterhout, craniofacial surgeon, lives in house featured in Mrs Doubtfire.

James Bellringer, who has been doing the majority of vaginoplasty work for Charing Cross Hospital has resigned.

Jill Jacobson, endocrinologist, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas – treating 28 trans children.

Maud Belanger, Montreal surgeon who does operations for British Columbia's Medical Services Plan notes that it is odd that in the two years since the lifting of the funding ban, they have provided 67
MTF surgeries but zero FTM.

Peter Walker, New Zealand's only sex change surgeon, retired.

Richard Ekins – the early years in Jazz


Aedan Wolton, a caseworker at the UK’s only transgender-led sexual health and wellbeing clinic.

VUmc, the largest provider of transgender care in the Netherlands and the only hospital offering transgender surgery ceased doing so citing insurance concerns.

Hospital Las Higueras de Talcahuano is the only one in Chile providing transgender treatment.

Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, has limited theatre time and a shortage of specialists, but has 148 patients waiting for transgender surgery, some of whom may wait 15-20 years.

Irish Health Service Executive paid for 22 public patients to have transgender surgery 1999-2010, and a further 27 since.

Reconstructive Unit Genito-Urinary and Sexual (URGUS), at the Hospital and University Center of Coimbra, Portugal, set up in 2011. Since then 13 FTM and 5 MTF reassignments.

Fred Hollows Foundation organized first free eye clinic for trans women in Bangladesh.

Legal issues:

Director (also trans) of Minatogawa clinic in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, committed suicide after police decided that death of trans man who died during breast-reduction surgery was medical malpractice.

H.C., Turkey, following transgender surgery, visited Dr. Fatma Hut at the Reşat Berger Hospital in order to get her prescriptions filled. Dr. Fatma Hut denied H.Ç. her right to medical care and refused to prescribe medications that were necessary for H.Ç’s treatment following her surgery, arguing: “You are a man, I do not condone your situation, I will not examine you". Afterwards, Dr. Hut had filed a criminal complaint against H.Ç., arguing that she had insulted her. H.Ç. and her lawyer filed their complaint against the doctor that same day.

Naya Taylor, Illinois, suing doctor's office that refused treatment.

Medicine & Genetics

A report of a 1779 sex-change surgery.

NHS Scotland sent an open email chain to transgender patients, advertising a new service – that is not using BCC.

US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced that it would remove the provision requiring Federal Employment Health Benefits (FEHB) providers to exclude transition-related care for transgender federal employees.

Medi-Cal expansion incorporates trans patients.

New York City has had a program since 2010 that provides transgender surgery for those without insurance. The second beneficiary, a 21-year-old in foster care, had the surgery in January.

District of Columbia required that its insurance plans must cover transgender health care.

Largest Study to Date: Transgender Hormone Treatment Safe.

4 foods packed with estrogen.

Very little difference between men's and women's brains.

Womb transplants

Artificially-grown penises.

Lab-grown vaginas.


Anne Kelly, 45, Charleston lawyer, is transitioning.

Lawyer Fawzia Janahi has obtained legal permission for two Bahraini trans men to undergo surgery abroad and be legally recognized on return.

Katie Sprinkle, ex-public defender, Dallas County, Texas, now has her own law firm. Hosts free legal clinics for trans persons.

Nikki Araguz, the appellate court voided the state district court judge's summary judgment in favor of Thomas Araguz's parents and ordered the case returned to the original courtroom for further litigation.

Robina Asti, 92, transitioned 1976, pilot, denied survivor benefits after her husband died.

California bans gay or trans 'panic' defenses.

A Lebanese woman, born intersex, who had had corrective surgery, but still had male ID, was charged with her husband of 'unnatural sexual intercourse'. Judge Naji al-Dahdah threw out the case citing a 2009 ruling by Judge Mounir Suleiman that consensual homosexual relations were not against nature and could therefore not be prosecuted under Article 534. Suleiman found in 2009 that, ‘man is part of nature and is one of its elements, so it cannot be said that any one of his practices or any one of his behaviors goes against nature, even if it is criminal behaviour, because it is nature’s ruling.’



Trans Obituaries – other than being murdered

Stormé DeLarverie (1920 - 2014) Jewel Box Revue, Stonewall veteran.

Lily McBeth (1934 – 2014) school teacher.

Mario Montez (1935 - 2013) avant-garde actor.

++ Christine Goodwin (1937 - 2014) whose success ar the ECHR led to the UK Gender Recognition Act, after a long period of illness.

Katia Beckman (1944 – 2014) Buenos Aires, activist, of pneumonia.

Katherine Anne Johnson (1947 – 2014) convicted of 2nd-degree murder, held in women's prison in BC. Co-author of Prisoner of Gender.

Leslie Feinberg (1949 – 2014) advocate of term 'transgender', author, revolutionary. More.

Christie Lee Littleton (1952 – 2014) lost widows pension after suing against medical malpractice and lost because 'male'. Remarried.

Asha Devi (1952 - 2013) mayor of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, 2000-3, from a kidney disorder.

++ Carol Stone (1954 - 2014) serving Church of England vicar, from cancer.

Matt Kailey (1955 - 2014) author, activist, from a heart condition.

Junie Tate Sugar (? - 2014) Richmond activist.

Jaci Adams (1957 – 2014) Philadelphia activist, from cancer.

Charl Marais (1958 - 2013) bookkeeper, activist in Gender DynamiX.

Angela Clayton (1959 – 2013) physicist, activist, PFC VP.

Maryani (1960 – 2014) Islamic teacher in Yogyakarta.

Joy Hightower Morris (1963 - 2014) Chicago activist, from cancer.

Giuseppe Campuzano (1969 – 2013) founder of Línea de vida / Museo Travesti del Perú.

Jennifer Gable (1982 – 2014) Well Fargo employee, from an aneurysm. Family presented her in the coffin and in an obituary as if she were still male.

Elizabeth Mía Chorubczy (1989 – 2014) Buenos Aires, performer as Effy Beth, suicide.

Riley Moscatel (1997 – 2014) Philadelphia, suicide by train after a period of depression.

++ Leelah Alcorn (1997 - 2014) Ohio, suicide by truck after rejection by Christian parents.

Killed or assaulted by a trans person:

Donna Perry's pre-transition self, Doug, killed 3 prostitutes in Spokane, Washington in 1990. The trial continues.

Jacobus Marinu (Mark) van Nierop, 50, wanted for dental mutilation in France, arrested in New Brunswick, admitted killing his wife in the Netherlands, claims to be transgender.

Janaie Jones, 27, who performed as Kryzie King, charged with starving, torturing and killing a 4 year old whose father was in prison.

Lynn Edward Benton, ex-cop, Oregon, is charged with the murder of his ex-wife. Trial scheduled for 2015.

Lynnsey Evakarla Braun, 32, Sacramento, shot dead a man on a train.

Melissa Cae, 51, who started transition after being in the UK army in Northern Ireland where three friends were killed, repeatedly stabbed a 16-year-old boy in Porthcawl in Northern Ireland. Now sentenced to 7 years.

Melisa Young, 37, Edinburgh, killed a neighbour Christmas Day 2013 after he rejected her Christmas present. She was on 14 prescription drugs, inhaled solvents daily, drank to excess and had smoked heroin the morning before the alleged murder. She described seeing a very bright light and voices in her head when she “flipped” and stabbed her friend. She has been tried and is now jailed for life.

Sri Lankan fled to Thailand after a murder, transitioned with surgery, arrested for murder of a security guard after return to Moratuwa.

Death resulting from Silicone Injections

Armani Nicole-Davenport, 32, Dallas, pageant winner, is accused of homicide.

Alejandra Aguilera-Ortega, Sacramento, is accused of homicide.

Black Madam, Padge Windslowe, charged with killing Briton Claudia Aderotimi, (see 2011) is still on remand being unable to pay 10% of her $10 million bail, and her trial is scheduled for February 2015.

Tracey Lynn Garner, US Georgia, convicted of depraved-heart murder.

Yessica Betancur Gomez, Colombia, charged with manslaughter.

Murdered Trans persons

Andrea Quintero from Colombia was murdered in Rome, July 2013, and her body left in the morgue. In January 2014 a priest at Chiesa Del Gesu, one of the most prominent Jesuit churches in Rome arranged a Catholic funeral, persuaded government officials and the mayor to attend, and referred to her throughout as 'she'.
226 murders of trans persons were recorded in 2014, and many more died without being recorded. These are but a small sample.

Joy Añonuevo (1958 – 2014) Quezon City bar owner stabbed 33 times.

Yaz'min Shancez (1983 – 2014) Fort Myers, Florida, shot and burned to death. Acquaintance Terry Brady arrested.

Neelam (1985 – 2013) Mumbai, fell between train and platform while fleeing hooligans, lost a leg, and bled to death from lack of care.

Figen (? - 2014) suicide by jumping into the sea in August after being tortured by the police in July.

Mayang Prasetyo (1987 – 2014) Indonesian married to an Australian chef in Brisbane who killed and partially cooked her.

Çağla Joker (1988 – 2014) Istanbul, killed by 2 teenagers. Ambulance team refused to help, or to carry her body.

Jennifer Laude Sueselbeck (1988 – 2014) murdered by a US Marine in Olongapo, Philippines.

Mia Henderson (1988 – 2014) Baltimore, sister of Reggie Bullock, basketball star.

"Joseph" Sanchez (1995 – 2014) Belize City pageant winner stabbed by thieves.

Gabriel Fernandez (2006 – 2014) Los Angeles, beat to death after eight months of torture by his parents for playing with dolls.

Here is the best list of names for October 2013-September 2014

Note the general increase: 162 in 2009
                                           179 in 2010
                                           221 in 2011
                                           265 in 2012
                                           238 in 2013 (which is slightly less bad than 2012)
                                           226 in 2014 (again slightly less bad)

Of course most countries did not supply data.

Trans* Violence Tracking Portal            Report.

The outrageously bad Wikipedia page called List of unlawfully killed transgender people lists zero persons being killed in 2014.

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