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07 December 2014

Some Events of the year 2014: Part 2: Persons

Part 1: Organizations & Activists, Equal marriage, Other Legislation.
Part 2: Persons,
Part 3: Marriage, Lovers and Family, Trans & Intersex Kids,
Part 4: Politics & Government, Celebrities, Sports, Festivals,
Part 5: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Cops & Military, Imprisonment, Homeless Shelters, Nemeses,
Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Deaths
Part 7: Dress Reform, Homeogender Surgeries, Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Music & Performance,
Part 8: Internet, Art, Radio, Television, Adverts, Theatre, Cinema
Part 9: Jargon, Magazines & Newspapers, Journal Articles & Studies,
Part 10: Archives, Theses, Books.

This is a general persons section. In additional there are sections below on transkids, trans and families, celebrities, show biz, political, sports, cops & military, inmates, schools and universities, doctors, etc.

Cameroon: 7 trans person in a police raid in Yaoundé. Later released for lack of evidence.

Bad Black, Uganda. After the Anti-Homosexuality Act she was kidnapped, beaten and extorted, and then received death threats. She overstayed her visa in South Africa. Toronto group raising funds toward her visa overstay fee, her asylum application and two months of living expenses, which will cover her for the time before she can legally work.

Hush Ainebyona is losing her eyesight after suffering a transphobic attack in 2012. Funds are being solicited.

Ricky Nathanson, from Bulawayo, arrested in Harara and forced to strip naked after using a female toilet at her hotel.

Tampose Mapotheng, Lesotho, studied in the US as part of the Young African Leaders Initiative.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga from Malawi, was in the news in December 2009 when she and her boyfriend were sentenced to 14 years hard labour for “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” - the first such sentence since independence. They were adopted by Amnesty, and after a presidential pardon, Tiwonge was brought to South Africa, where she lives in a Malawian community near Cape Town.

An apparent suicide attack on Muhammadu Buhari, military ruler of Nigeria 1983-85, was blamed on an unnamed trans woman who was found nearby.

A trans woman was held and enslaved by three Louisiana residents and has now been rescued by the local sheriff.

Ailén Noemí Chambi, first surgical transsexual in Jujay province, Argentina, died 26 October, but death certificate was in her male name, and confusion, perhaps discrimination at the funeral home. An investigation proceeds.

Alex Myers, Maine, published a first novel about his distant ancestor Deborah Samson, trans man in the US revolution.

Angela Ingram, Oklahoma, allowed to change her name after previous refusal.

Antonette Rea featured in a 10 minute film by Gwen Haworth, but injured when hit by a car.

Barbie Swallows spoke of her involvement with alleged murderer Luka Magnotta (currently on trial in Montreal)

Bea Sullivan Knoff came out as trans while studying in Argentina, and continues at Northwestern University.

Brooke Guinan, 27, New York fire fighter.

Cameron Partridge, Boston University's chaplain, first openly trans priest to preach at Washington National Cathedral.

Charlene Lauderdale, Houston, born intersex, USAF veteran, discriminated against at veterans hospital.

Dawn Munro, research scientist, activist, honored at Outfest 2014.

Dean Spade, legal scholar, cautioned against the emphasis in the US on trans and the military: “Here’s the problem: Trans people, trans organizations, the trans movement did not choose this battle ... one very wealthy individual has picked this issue and is funding advocacy about it.”

Elizabeth Beth, Argentinian-Israeli artist in Buenos Aires.

Enza Anderson, 50, Toronto, was harassed by construction crews.

Eri Haywards, Mormon, featured in a documentary, and then she and her family went to Thailand surgery.

Essay Anne Vanderbilt, 60, inventor of an improved golf club, attracted press attention, and committed suicide when she realized that she would be outed. More. The article in question.

Freiya is interviewed.

Gabby Benaventa, from Peru to Miami, still undocumented.

Giowana Cambrone Araujo, Rio de Janeirio, after a four year struggle, has a female ID card.

Grace Kely, Costa Rica, campaigned against the military card requirement that prevents trans women from getting jobs.

Gwen Howarth honoured as one of Vancouver’s 12 Remarkable Women for International Women’s Day.

Hex, at the University of Chicago, whose preferred pronoun is 'it', claimed to feel "unsafe" during a meta-discussion of 'tranny', and demanded censorship, and began a petition demanding an apology and future censorship. It got 1,700 signatures.

Jessica Dempsey, Dalhousie University, filed human rights complaint.

Jessica Mizzar, Barranquilla, Colombia, obtained a court order to prevent police harassment of herself and other trans women.

Kaye Bowens, Arkansas, McDonalds employee fired for using the women's restroom.

Jade, 28, from Guatemala, emigrated and is in San Luis Potosi.

Kimberley Reed and coming out at father's funeral.

Lauren Hennessy, an actor and artist, identifies as a transgender man but has no intention of changing his physical appearance to fit societal definitions of what that would look like.

Maria Muniz, Rio de Janeiro, was fined by school officials for wearing a skirt. A group of her Colégio Pedro II classmates decided to stage a protest: both male and female students would all wear skirts on the same day.

Martine Rothblatt, entrepreneur, featured in New York Magazine, and proclaimed highest paid female CEO. GVWW. Martine's reply.

Meggan Sommerville, a 16-year employee of Hobby Lobby was fired for using the women`s restroom. The case is before the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

Miki Mappin, 58, Saskatoon, help by her MP to change names on documents,

Monica Jones, Phoenix, Arizona, arrested and found guilty of 'manifesting prostitution' after accepting a ride to a bar from two undercover cops. Because of this conviction she was denied entry into Australia because she was considered a possible threat.

Monica Roberts, author of TransGriot blog, faced homelessness.

Nanci Blu, 63, Vancouver, ex-biker, transitioned in her late 50s.

Nati, Cordoba, whose 2007 surgery when she was 17 was an Argentinian precedent, and falsely claimed as HBS, lived for 5 years in Spain, and is now back in Argentina, and is an artist.

Nina Arsenault spoke about her involvement with alleged murderer Luka Magnotta (currently on trial in Montreal)

Parker Marie Molloy, 26, published a 47-page autobiography, led the attack on the use of the word 'tranny', and its use by RuPaul, told another trans woman to drink bleach, and resigned from The Advocate. Trans* Violence Tracking Portal issued an advisory. The recipient.. Comment.

Patrick Califia is now living in Florida with a new life partner and has appealed online for help with his medical bills.

Brazilian Rebekah Shelton, (previously Rodrigo Lopes who was in British Big Brother) started transition in 2012, has come down with a brain tumour.
Renee Ramsey, South Carolina, transitioned at 77.

Rodrigo Lehtinen, 28, now works as a fundraiser for GLAAD. His mother, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, is a Republican congressperson who is unique in her party for voting for LGBT issues.

Taylor Lianne Chandler, 29, self-proclaimed girlfriend of Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps, ex-model and stuntwoman, mentioned, while he was in rehab, that she was assigned male at birth. Comment.

Vanessa Champagne Paris, Belize City, was attacked by a mob on the street, was arraigned for assaulting a woman, on remand for burglary. More.

Yasmien Love, 25, arrested after gun fired between her and her ex.

Zach Kerr, 20, Boston, a triplet, LGBT activist.

Zelda Marshall, bi-gendered drag queen with a female partner, organized Queens in the Hall at Ottawa City Hall.

Zoey Tur and Dana Vahle, both helicopter pilots, both covered the OJ Simpson chase 20 years ago, now are both women.

Two Bahraini prostitutes also charged with homosexuality lost appeal against jail term.

Crackdown on trans women in Kuwait.

35 Arabian 'men in women's clothes' arrested after neighbours compalined about the loud music.

16 Malaysian trans women arrested at a wedding in Bahau, fined RM950 and jailed 7 days each.

Tel Aviv trans prostitute attacked by 11 men, who in turn were quickly arrested.

25-year-old Vietnamese who had surgery in the US, stripped to her panties to protest her car being pulled over in Bac Giang’s Viet Yen District. Images went viral on internet.

Bülent Coşkun, 34, Düzce, intersex who has undergone botched surgeries to make him a man, and three to restore her womanhood, cannot go out because of local transphobia.

Demet Yanardag, Izmir, graduate in tourism and hotel management but got treated as a whore anyway.

Devan, oracle, Manipur.

Eliana Rubashkyn, from Colombia, studying for an MBA in Health Administration in Taiwan on a government scholarship, had to go to Hong Kong, the nearest Colombia consulate to renew her passport. Hong Kong officials refused to let her in until a fuss was made by local LGBT groups. A conditional release was secured for Eliana by the Colombian consulate – which meant that she would have to return to Colombia, which she had fled after two murder attempts. Eliana thus filed a refugee claim with the local UNHCR office, which was granted in 12 days rather the usual years. She has been allowed to immigrate to New Zealand.

Ikki Jin, Tokyo, arrested for drugging and robbing several men.

Karen Mke, 38, and Kamilla Satto, 33, hairdressers from Amazonas, Brazil, were detained in Dubai for “imitation of women by men”.

Liu Ting, 28, previously named a 'National Moral Model' for looking after mother who suffers with uremia, wrote an autobiographic screenplay, and came out as trans.

Manoj Shahi Monika, 35, Nepal, intends to be first 3rd-gender person to climb Everest/Chomolungma (not counting Maurice Wilson or Jan Morris)

Nabiullah Khan, Pakistan, 22, hospitalized and found to be more male, but cannot afford the surgeries.

Serap, Corum, Turkey, was shot in the leg and stabbed. The assailants were apprehended, but the bar association refuse to assign her a lawyer: “We do not assign lawyers to transvestites".

S Swapna & Gopi Shankar, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, forced to protest in that name on education cerificates still not changed.

Tanisha Yasmin Chaity, Dhaka, seeking legal recognition as a hijra.

Yi Ling, 84, Forshan, Guangdong, in transition.

59-year-old company owner in Japan ejected from golf club when became a woman. Sued and awarded 1.1 m yen.

29 April seven trans women in Athens were arrested, but not informed about alleged crimes.

A trans man in Chelyabinsk obtained a court ruling that the local civil registry recognize his acquired gender.

Abby-Grace Hughes, has left her second wife and 5 children in the UK and is in the US. Newsarticle. Interview.

Alex White, Bromley, profiled by Grayson Perry.

Andrian, Astrakhan, owed 130,000 as Natalya. Now owes more money as Andrian.

Ann Edmead, 72, Bethnal Green, author, arrested for sexually assaulting a boy 1972-9.

Antonia Belcher, building consultant, 94 on IOS Rainbow List, director of Trans Media Watch, on being trans in business.

Avery Edison, 25, who had overstayed on a previous visa, was detained by Canada Border Services on re-entering Canada to visit her girl-friend. She had a female passport, but being pre-op was placed in a men's prison. After a twitter campaign, Avery was transferred to a women's prison, and then given permission to fly home.

Charlotte Goiar, 41, has a judicially ordered referral to the clinic of Iván Mañero. GVWW

Chelsea Attonley, 30, was drag performer as Miss Malibu, had surgery on NHS 7 years ago, now finds heels and make-up exhausting, and wants NHS to pay for a reversal.

Christie Elan-Cane, a non-gendered activist, has campaigned for 20 years for non gender-specific X passports and the rights of individuals who identify as neither male nor female.

Fred McConnell remembers his transition.

Gabriel, Cádiz, intersex, was assumed to be female until puberty.

John Jeanette Remø, 65, Norway, was refused legal gender recognition in that she declines both hormonal therapy and surgery. She was supported by Amnesty, and then by the Norwegian Ombudsman.

Julie Clarke, 58, Hebrides, ferry worker, transitioned with support from local community. Published autobiography.

Kate Stone while on a new-years break near Fort William in Scotland, was was attacked and gored in the throat and chest by a stag that had gotten into the fenced garden. Kate was airlifted to the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, and survived.

Kay Browning banned from using the men's toilets in a nightclub in Tiverton, Devon.

Kelly Maloney, 61, ex-boxing promoter, ex-UKIP candidate, transitioned and was on Celebrity Big Brother.

Lydia Foy, after 17 years of litigation was informed by the Irish government that her gender would finally be recognized, and was awarded €50,000 in compensation.

Miranda Ponsonby is still disowned by her family.

Natalie Rachael Gale, Greenoch, published fictionalized autobiography.

Nayla Ziadeh on going out as male.

Rachel Mann, 44, is now Minor Canon of Manchester Cathedral.

Rona Rees, 63, awaiting surgery.

Allyson Hamblett, disability activist, and 4 other artists featured in a national campaign aimed at changing attitudes and behaviour toward people with disabilities, sensory impairment and mental illness.
Anahera Rangitaawa, 33, fell from a tree.

Cindy Macardle, of Flinders University, secretary of ANZPATH.

Indiana Kelly Edwards attacked the long-running Tranny Bingo over its name.

Kai Bogert, 19, supported by his parents.

Kai Clancy, from the Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli nations, featured in the Guardian's IndigenousX.

Mikayla Novak, Queensland, economist.

Norrie May-Welby's four-year struggle to be neither male nor female went to the the Court of Appeal where it was ruled that it was within the Registrar's power to record in the register that the sex of May-Welby was 'not specific'. Was suspended from Facebook for 24 hours after mentioning a visit to Tranny Bingo in Sydney.

Saolele Tauialo Pelu, 45, Samoan, convicted of indecency and sex attacks on boys was to be deported – but has been given a chance to stay in New Zealand so she can complete transition.

Victoria Crawford arrested for stealing from pharmacies.

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