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09 November 2014

IOS Rainbow List 2014

The 2014 Independent on Sunday Rainbow List (previously Pink List) of 101 LGBT persons who made a difference is just published.

One of the good things about this list is that most people on have not yet been featured in either GVWW or Wikipedia.   I, of course, certainly disagree with who is on the list, who is not and the rankings - but lets put that aside.  

2013 list.

Trans persons included:

 2 Paris Lees, journalist

 13 Kate Stone, scientist.  GVWW 

18 Rebecca Root, actress

24 James Morton of the Scottish Transgender Alliance

36 Natacha Kennedy,  Lecturer, Goldsmiths College, co-chair of Camden LGBT Forum, sits on LGBT Labour’s national committee and is a founder member of London Trans Diversity and the Trans Teachers’ Association.

47 Isabella Segal, accountant.

58 Jane Fae, journalist GVWW 

65 Jay Stewart, Co-founder of Gendered Intelligence

68 Jess Key, head of UK Trans Info

74  Juliet Jacques,  columnist and blogger,  blog longlisted for the 2011 Orwell prize.  WIKIPEDIA

86 Asif Quaraishi, the UK’s first Muslim drag queen.

87 Juno Roche, primary schoolteacher

89 Cat Burton, British Airways pilot

92 CN Lester, musician, writer, activist.

93 Ayla Holdom, RAF pilot

94 Antonia Belcher, building consultant

96  Sarah Brown, previously Cambridge Councillor.   WIKIPEDIA  

98 Stephanie Hirst, radio presenter

Supplementary lists.
National Treasures

April Ashley         GVWW        WIKIPEDIA

Stephen Whittle                       WIKIPEDIA

Paul O'Grady/Lily Savage     GVWW       WIKIPEDIA

George O'Dowd     GVWW      WIKIPEDIA

Alice Purnell          GVWW

Roz Kaveney          GVWW     Wikipedia 

Ones to Watch

Kellie Maloney, boxing promoter, UKIP candidate    WIKIPEDIA 

Michelle Ross, CliniQ for trans sexual health.

Naith Payton, first-person piece in The Sun   

Sophie Green, artist & illustrator  

Nicole Gibson, model   


  1. Not sure about including Asif Quaraishi as a "trans person". There are certainly overlaps between drag and trans identities, but drag isn't a subset of trans; drag is an identity in its own right and denoting it as "trans" can erase that. Unless you know that Asif himself does identify as trans of course.

    1. Drag has always been a gateway into trans. If we think otherwise we would expurgate Bambi, Coccinelle, Aleshia Brevard, Sylvia Rae Rivera from our history. After such a gutting not much would be left. Of course Virginia Prince and other HBS have always tried to insist that drag is not part of trans.

      I notice from your google profile that you "On the nebulous border between cis and trans" and using a male name are less trans that most drags, so why are you taking this attitude?

  2. Very belatedly: Sorry, if I wasn't clear there. I wasn't at all taking the attitude that drag people are not trans. I was specifically asking whether Asif identifies as trans. If so, then fine, of course. But if not, then...


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