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02 July 2014

26 trans persons in Scandinavia who changed things by example or achievement

In addition to the citizens and residents below there are some others with a Danish connection:
  • There is a rumour that a Sergeant in the UK Army, part of the occupation forces in Hamburg in 1945, was permitted to travel to Denmark to become a woman. GVWW
  • Christine Jorgensen (1926 – 1989) US citizen of Danish descent, had her first operation in Denmark. EN.WIKIPEDIA   Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
  • Charlotte Mcleod (1926 - ?) also from the US who arrived in Denmark after Parliament had restricted sex-change surgeries to Danish nationals, but after being butchered by a back-street surgeon, proper Danish doctors finished the job properly. GVWW  Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
  • Carlett A. Brown (193? - ?) US sailor, performer who renounced US citizenship to get Danish citizenship, and perhaps the operation. GVWW
  • Armistead Maupin wrote that his character Anna Madrigal had surgery in Denmark in 1964 – which is just bad research. GVA.
  • Brenda Lana Smith, a long-time resident of Bermuda where she was the Honorary Danish Consul. GVWW
It became a cliché expression in North America in the 1960s/1970s that transsexuals went to Sweden (rather than Denmark) for the operation. Does anyone know of anyone who did so?

Prominent Scandinavian physicians:
  • Christian Hamburger (1904 – 1992) Christine Jorgensen's endocrinologist in Denmark. Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet. There is no Wikipedia page on him, not even in the Danish Wikipedia.
  • Jan Wålinder (1931 - ) pioneering Swedish psychiatrist whose work with transsexuals is unfortunately forgotten. Author of Transsexualism: A Study of 43 Cases. There is no Wikipedia page on him, not even in the Swedish Wikipedia.
  • Thorkil Sørensen. Danish Professor, MD and psychiatric consultant at Odense University Hospital, author of Det transsexuelle syndrom: afgrænsning og behandling, 1984. Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
Citizens and residents:
  • Christina Vasa (1626 – 1689) Queen of Swedes, Goths & Vandals 1632-54, abdicated, converted to Catholicism, and moved to Rome. EN.WIKIPEDIA
  • Caroline Matilda Oldenburg (1751 – 1775) Queen of Denmark and Norway. GVWW
  • Lars Larsson Molin (1785 – 1845) Swedish thief and chef. GVWW    SV.WIKIPEDIA
  • ?Lind? (1877 – 1940) Swede who toured the world as a female impersonator. EN.WIKIPEDIA
  • Bothwell Browne (1877 – 1947) Danish female impersonator who found fame in San Francisco and New York. EN.WIKIPEDIA
  • Alberta Neilsen. Legal gender change in 1924 supported by certificate from German specialist that she was intersex. Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
  • Lili Elvenes (Elbe) (1882 – 1931) painter,  surgical transsexual at Warnekros' Institute, died of complications from surgery.  GVWW     EN.WIKIPEDIA    Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
  • Eila Neergard (1930 - ) Danish engineer, twice married and father of 3 who transitioned at age 71 with surgery in Thailand. Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
  • Annette Hall (193? - ?) Swedish founder of FPE-Northern Europe in 1966.
  • Sandra Day (1939 – 2010) Danish bookseller, stripper, actress, singer. GVWW    DA.WIKIPEDIA
  • Sabrina Ramet (194? - ) Trondheim professor of eastern European studies, member of Norwegian Academy of Sciences. GVWW    DE.WIKIPEDIA
  • Esther Pirelli (1949 - ) Norwegian doctor, sexologist. GVWW     NO.WIKIPEDIA
  • Anna Kristjánsdóttir (1952 - ) Icelandic marine engineer, transitioned in Sweden in 1995, active in TGEU, co-founder of Trans-Iceland. GVWW.
  • Marja-Sisko Aalto (1954 - ) Finnish Lutheran vicar. EN.WIKIPEDIA
  • Aase Schibsted Knudsen (1954 - ) Lillehammer professor of film and television. NO.WIKIPEDIA
  • Anette Egelund (1956 - ) Danish sailor, politician. GVWW   DA.WIKIPEDIA
  • Cris Owen (1960 - ) Finish musician. GVWW    FI.WIKIPEDIA.
  • Cecillia Mundt (1965 - ) Danish poet, hate crime victim. Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet.
  • Aleksa Lungberg (1981 - ) Swedish actress. GVWW.
  • Maria Sundin. Swedish archivist, TGEU board member and chair. TGEU   QX.
  • Viktor (1985 - ) born male in Ecuador, adopted and raised female in Norway, changed back after 16. CrossDreamers
  • Tone Maria Hansen. On board of Harry Benjamin Ressurssenter
  • Fernanda Milan. From Guatemala, first trans person granted asylum in Denmark. NewsArticle.
  • Tina Thranesen (1948 - ) Danish trans historian, activist. DA.WIKIPEDIA    Vidensbanken om kønsidentitet
  • Jack Molay. Norwegian who developed the concept of Crossdreamer. Crossdreamers.
  • Mianne Bagger(1966 - ) Danish golfer in Australia. 1st open trans woman allowed in female tournament. EN.WIKIPEDIA


  1. I am honored, Zagria!

    There are two persons who definitely deserve mention, but who may not qualify as they are not trans.

    Marion Arntzen and Harald Sundby have made a huge difference in Norway (and to a certain extent also in Sweden), through their work for MTF crossdressers and transsexuals.

    The couple run the Steensveen Resource Center for male to female trans persons at Toten in Norway, and created the Norwegian TV series "Jentene på Toten" (The girls at Toten) on ten transgender persons and their lives.

    Marion Arntzen and Kari Kahrs wrote the book Mann er da kvinne (untranslatable pun meaning "One/man is a woman") presenting the girls from Toten. Marion has also written the book De usynlige kjønn ("The invisible genders") on gender identity, gender expression and diversity.

    Arntzen and Sundby won the YS Equality and Gay Pride awards for 2010 for their work for transgender persons.

  2. Another Scandinavian that deserves honorable mention is Christine Marie Jentoft, a transgender woman who has become one of the leading trans activists in Norway. She has been a key player in the successful struggle to make Norwegian laws more trans positive.

    In 2015 was crowned Miss Gay Norway, an honorary title given to LGBT activists.

    More about Christine Marie Here!


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