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28 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 8: Theatre & Cinema

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.

Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8:  Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.

Television & Radio


Channel 4 is the first media outlet to sign Trans Media Watch’s Memorandum of Understanding. The BBC and ITV are considering the legal standpoint.


"Amra Tomadery" (We are for you). ATN Bangla. A talent show for hijras.

Bad Habits: The Return of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Kevin O’Keefe (dir). Canada iChannel 2012. Trailer.

Being Chaz. OWN, Nov 27, 2011. With Chaz Bono. Trailer.

Granada Television’s Coronation Street, which has had a transsexual character since 1998, now has a cross-dressing character and a civil partnership.

“Dad’s Having a Baby”. Bodyshock, Channel 4. April.

Dancing with the Stars. US version had Chaz Bono as a contestant.

“The Fantastic Show” Sponsored by Harisu.

Harisu, 10 Years Of Her Dream“, SBS.

Hit And Miss was filmed: the story of a trans hitwoman, Chloe Sevigny, who discovers she fathered children before transitioning. "It’s very realistic". !

Hung, Season 3, trans woman Jamie Clayton plays a trans woman in 2 episodes. HBO.

I’m Passing as Somebody That I’m Not”. True Life, Apr 27, 2011. MTV. With Domaine Javier.

Inside the Transgender World. ABC, Aug 2011, with Charles Kane and Kim Petras.
Sarah Graham. A Letter to my Body. BBC Radio 3, 6 Jun 2011. At 25 Sarah found that she was AIS.

“Mexico’s Third Gender”. CNN, May 11, 2010. Part 1, part2, part3.

Mind. Emma Crimmings (dir), about Tom Cho. Australia ABC Television 2011.

Channel 4: My Transsexual Summer. A reality show. Follows 7 persons undertaking a range of gender affirmation procedures. Review.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live played a mock commercial “Estro-Maxx”with bearded men in dresses.

“The Sissy Boy Experiment”. CNN, June 7, 2011.

TV2, Denmark, Soren Jenson, reporting on a new gay magazine continually referred to trans women as ‘he’ and described them as “an outright freak show with perverted urges?” The National Organization for GLBT persons filed a complaint.

Thailand’s Got Talent. Bell Nuntita sings in both female and male voices. 16 March 2011. Then an international tour.

“Transgender Child: A Parent’s Difficult Choice”. Our America. Oprah Winfrey Network, March 2011.

Madison Park. “Transgender kids: Painful quest to be who they are”. CNN Sept 27, 2011. And a followup: “What fuels transgender backlash?”. Sept 30, 2011.

Take a Look at Ladyboys. Sky, 29 Aug 2011.

Work It. ABC. Due to start in January 2012. An unfunny comedy about two men passing (or not) as women to get a job. A lot of trans people had objected to the concept, and in effect have done free advertizing for the show.



Brian Bedford (dir). The Importance of Being Earnest. Scr: Oscar Wilde. Brian Bedford as Lady Bracknell. The Shakespeare Festival at Stratford, Ontario, and then the American Airlines Theater, NY.

Alan Cummings as both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. National Theatre of Scotland.
Audra Lord’s play Fugue about memory and identity, in which transgender Stephanie (played by the artistic director Keith Medilis) is the only one who is comfortable with her present state. The New Theater Project in Ypsilanti. Inspired by artist Stephanie Loveless.

A revival of Michel Tremblay’s Hosanna at Stratford, Ontario, with Gatheth Potter as Hosanna.

Southern Comfort Annette O’Toole as Robert Eads. At the CAP21 Black Box Theater, Chelsea, New York. Based on the 2001 documentary.

Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull in Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

Thai Ladyboy troope did an Indian tour.

Octavian Chan (dir). Lady Samantha, Pak Li (scr) with Sam Choy as Samantha, a pre-op trans woman. Hong Kong.

I Am What I am. Angus Chan and Garrick Wong (dir & scr), with Angus Chan as Abigail Chay and Garrick Wong as a boyfriend. Based on the life of Abigail Chay. The Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre in Hong Kong. Cantonese version will run on Jan 7 and 8 and the Mandarin version on Jan 14 and 15.

Sammy Auttayakorn crowned Miss Tiffany Universe in Pattaya.

Nina Arsenault. The Silicone Diaries. Theatre La Chapelle, Montreal. Dec 14-18, 2010.

Aleksa Lundberg. Infestus. Thule Theatre, Stockholm. October 2011.

‘Tranny Hotel’ was in Cologne in June and at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel in November. Dozens of transgender artists, including Lazlo Pearlman, Jo Clifford, Rae Spoon, performed. Organized in Liverpool by Mandy Romero. Part of the Homotopia Festival.

Being Eunuch, staged by the city-based theatre group Nishumbita as part of the Hyderabad Theatre and Rock Music Festival in association with Samahaara.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – over 200 performances on Broadway

Gardenia. Aging trans performers. At Sadler’s Wells Theatre and then at Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques. With Vanessa Van Durme.



Matt Mazur. “Connect the Dots: Transgender Narratives in Pop Culture”. PopMatters, 9 Sept 2011. An essay on the image of transgender in film.

Tracy Clarke-Flory. “What’s behind transsexual attraction?” Slate, Oct 20, 2011. A trans woman wants to know what kind of men watch "T-girl" porn. Are they the same ones who bash her in real life?

Oscar hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway in drag.

Film actor Giuseppe Schisano will soon transition to Vittoria.


Albert Nobbs. Rodrigo Garcia (dir). Glenn Close & John Banville (scr), based on the novella by George Moore. With Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs. Ireland 2011. IMDB. A trans man in 19th century Dublin. Trailer.

All Good Things. Andrew Jarecki (dir). Scr: Marcus Hinchey & Marc Smerling, with Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, Frank Langella. US 101 mins 2010. IMDB. Based on the Robert Dunst story, but with all the names changed. Trailer.

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye. Marie Losier (dir), with Genesis P. Orridge and Lady Jaye. US 72 mins 2011. IMDB The love story and pandrogyne art project as Genesis and Lady Jaye have a series of surgeries to closely resemble each other. Trailer.

Becoming Chaz. Fanton Bailey and Randy Barbato (dir), with Chaz Bono. US 85 mins. IMDB. Trailer.

Bella Maddo. Janice Danielle (dir) with Janice Danielle, Miss Jazz, Isis King, US 2011. IMDB. A melodrama with an all-trans cast. Trailer.

Berlin 36. Kaspar Heilelbach (dir), Lothar Kurzawa (scr) with Sebastian Urzendowsky as Marie Ketteler and Karoline Herfurth as Gretel Bergman. Germany 100 mins 2009. IMDB. Based on the Dora Ratjen story, but some names changed. Trailer.

Le Coccinelle - Sceneggiata Transessuale. Emanuela Pirelli (dir). Italy 2011. Trailer.
Dalam Botol. Khir Rahman (dir). With Arja Lee as Ruby. Malaysia 90 mins 2011. IMDB. Rubin becomes Ruby for her lover, but he then leaves her. Trailer.

Florent: Queen of the Meat Market. David Sigal (dir) with Florent Morellet. US 89 mins 2010. IMDB. A diner in New York’s meat market, serving trans persons, sex workers and show biz stars. Trailer.

A Dragged Out Affair. Sonia Hong (dir). Canada 15 mins 2010. IMDB. A fantasy among Toronto drag queens. Trailer.

Gun Hill Road. Rashaad Grenn (dir & scr). With Harmony Santana as Michael/Vanessa. US 88 mins 2011. IMDB. Ex-con father returns to find his son turning into Vanessa. Trailer.

The Hangover Part II. Todd Phillips (dir) Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong & Todd Phillips (scr) with Ed Helms as Stu and Yasmin Lee as Kimmy. US 102 mins 2011. IMDB. After getting drunk in Bangkok, Stu bareback bottoms for a trans woman. Trailer. The trans women is played by a trans woman. Is it transphobic?

Horrorween. Joe Estevez (dir). Scr: Ed Meyer, Mike Muscat, Judd Rubin, with Alice Cooper, Enza Anderson as herself. US 2011. IMDB.

I Am the Queen. Henrique Cirne-Lima & Josue Pellot (dir). US 2010. IMDB. A trans pageant in Chicago’s Humbolt Park. Trailer.

I Was a Trannie Werewolf. Lola Rock’N’Rolla (dir & scr), with The Lady Bunny, Mistress Formika. US 10 mins 2009. IMDB. Trailer.

Jack and Jill. Dennis Dugan (dir), Steve Koren, Robert Smigel & Ben Zook (scr) with Adam Sandler as Jack and as Jill, and Eugenio Derbez as Felipe and as Felipe’s grandma. USA 2011. IMDB. Unfunny conflict between a male and female twin played by the same actor. Trailer. Made some worst top ten of the year lists.

J. Edgar. Clint Eastwood (dir), Dustin Lance Black (scr). With Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover and Armie Hammer as Clyde Tolson. US 2011. IMDB. Hoover shown in drag only once after his mother dies. Trailer.

Lost in the Crowd. Susi Graf (dir). US 61 mins 2010. IMDB. Trans and gay youth living on the streets of New York. Trailer.

Madame X. Lucky Kuswandi (dir) with Aming Suagndhi as Madame X. Indonesia 100 mins 2011. IMDB. Trans superhero against homophobic criminals. Trailer.

Mavro Livadi (Black Field). Vardis Marinakis (dir) with Sofia Georgovassili as Anthi. Greece 104 mins 2009. IMDB. In the 1650s, a wounded deserter escapes with a nun who turns out to be a boy. Best actress award at the Seville Film Festival. Trailer.

Narthaki. Vijayapadma (dir). With Kalki Subramanaian and Punnagai Poo Geetha. India 115 mins 2011. IMDB. In India given an A(adults only) certificate to shield children from existence of trans persons. A trans woman goes through trauma, but survives. Trailer.

Out on the Street. Amy Seigel & Alex Abramovich (dir) with M. Callaghan. Canada 11 mins 2010. IMDB.

Pay it no Mind: Marsha P Johnson. Michael Musto (dir) with Marsha P Johnson. US 2011. Trailer.

La piel que habito (The Skin That I Live In). Pedro Almodovar(dir & scr ) based on the novel Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet, with Antonio Banderas as Robert Ledgard, Elena Anava as Vincente/Vera Cruz. Spain 117 mins 2011. IMDB. A very stylish film of forced-feminization and revenge. Trailer. Review with spoilers.

Regretters. Marcus Lindeen (dir & scr), with Orlando Fagin & Mikael Johansson. Sweden 58 mins 2010. IMDB. Two men who changed back after surgery and living as women. Trailer.

Renée. Eric Drath (dir). With Renée Richards. US 79 mins 2011. IMDB. Trailer.

Rum Diary. Bruce Robinson (dir). Scr: Bruce Robinson, based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, with Johnny Depp as Kemp, and Karimah Westbrook as the hermaphroditic Papa Nebo. US 120 mins 2011. IMDB   Trailer.

Sally’s Story. Mark Andersson (dir) with Sally Goldner . Australia 21 mins 2011. IMDB. The story of the winner of the 2011 Bruce McGuinness award. Trailer.

Shock Head Soul. Simon Pummell (dir & scr) with Hugo Koolschijn as Daniel Paul Schreber. NL/UK 86 mins 2011. IMDB. The madness and gender changes of Daniel Schreber.

The Sons of Tennessee Williams. Tim Wolff (dir). US 75 mins 2010. IMDB. Drag balls and Mardi Gras crews in 1950s New Orleans. Trailer.

Tomboy. Celine Sciamma (dir & scr) with Zoe Heran as Laure/Michael. France 84 mins 2011. IMDB. A 10-year-old girl, settling into her new neighborhood outside Paris, is taken for a boy and lives up to this new. Trailer.

Translatinas. Luis Felipe Degregori (dir). Peru 2010. Trailer.

Transmen. Tiffany Gibson (dir). US 2011. Three transmen in Tennessee. Trailer.

What’s the Name of the Dame. Allan Neuwirth (dir), with Hedda Lettuce, Sade Pendarvis, Yolanda. US 84 mins 2009. IMDB. A camp version of Abba tunes. Trailer.


I Am Divine. Jeffrey Schwarz (dir) with Divine, John Waters, Holly Woodlawn,. US 2012. IMDB. Trailer.

K-11. Jules Mann-Stewart (dir & scr), With Kate del Castillo as Mousey. US 2012. IMDB. Prison drama.

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