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29 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 9: News Media, Journals

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.

Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8:  Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.

News Media & Bookshops

A Different Light bookstore, Castro St, San Francisco, California’s last GLBT bookshop closed.

Gay’s The Word, London’s GLBT bookshop, was the only bookshop vandalized in the August riots.

The News of the World, which has been aggressively outing trans persons for more than a century, finally closed as a tactical retreat by News Corp International, after a hacking scandal.

Magazine covers:

Soho Magazine, Columbia, 11 Feb 2011 Endry Cardeño

Love Magazine The Androgyny Issue, Feb 2011, featured Kate Moss and Lea T. on the cover kissing.

Elle Brazil December: Lea T.

Schön! 14 with Andrej Pejić.

Dossier Journal, May 2011, showed Andrej Pejić taking off his shirt with his hair in curlers. Barnes & Noble covered this up lest he be taken for a topless woman.

The Guardian
· A series of articles by Juliet Jacques about her transition.

· Articles by Roz Kaveney on various topics.

· Stephen Pritchard. “The readers' editor on... reporting transgender issues: The strong response to our feature about the death of human rights lawyer Sonia Burgess highlights the need for sensitivity and respect”. 23 January 2011.

· Becky Garrison. “Trans clergy are finally gaining greater acceptance”. 30 March 2011.

· Natacha Kennedy. “Trans people speak up for themselves: Trans people have long been the objects of discussion by others. Now, the net has helped us become a strong, vocal community”. 21 April 2011.

· Rasha Moumneh. “The Gulf’s gender anxiety: Moral panic over transgender men and women is symptomatic of the Gulf’s problem with shifting gender roles”. 6 July 2011.

· Flavia Dzodan. “Argentina's big step towards true sexual equality: Proposals to allow trans people to change their names and gender on legal documents could be another landmark measure”. 2 Sept 2011.

· Kate Hodel. “Indonesia's transgender couples surrounded by fear and persecution”. 16 Oct 2011.

· Alan Travis. “Transgender and disabled murders to incur far harsher hate-crime penalty”. 8 Dec 2011.

The New York Times
· John Eligon. “Suits Dispute City’s Rule on Recording Sex Changes” March 22, 2011.

· Elliott DeLine. “Stuck at the Border Between the Sexes”. May 29, 2011.

· Erik Piepenburg. “When They Play Women, It’s Not Just an Act”. July 28, 2011.

· Laura Rena Murray. “The High Price of Looking Like a Woman”. Aug 19, 2011. On pumping.

· Adrienne Lu. “For Transgender Detainees, a Jail Policy Offers Some Security”. Dec 22, 2011.
· Aaron Leaf. “Trans activism in South America”. Nov 17, 2011.

· “Camille Paglia disses Chaz Bono”. May 04, 2011.

· Andrea Houston. “Trans sex workers still most vulnerable”. Nov 09, 2011.

· Michelle Garcia. “Trans, Gay Murders Rock Honduras”. Jan 21, 2011.

· Julie Bolcer. “Study: Discrimination Pervades Trans Lives”. Feb 04, 2011.

· Trudy Ring. “Voter ID May Affect Trans Citizens”. June 23, 2011.

· Winston Gieseke. “Miss Universe Shows Support For Trans Community”. July 15, 2011.

· Neal Broverman. “Trans Activists Criticize NAACP”. July 24, 2011.

· Neal Broverman. “Study: Black Trans People Suffer Extreme Prejudice”. Sept 16, 2011.

· Diane Anderson-Minshall. “Trans American Military Stories”. Sept 21, 2011.

· Diane Ehrensaft. “Op-ed: On Trans Kids, It’s Us Who Are Confused: The creative gender cases of Storm, Chaz, Tammy and Mario revealed our society’s knee-jerk and crushing reaction to nonconformity.”. Oct 07, 2011.

· Andi Alexander & Neal Broverman. “Trans Rights: What Capitol Hill Could Learn From Corporate America”. Oct 2011.

· Winston Gieseke. “IRS Rules in Favor of Trans Deductions”. Nov 2011.

· Michelle Garcia. “Trans Employees Fight to Work in Georgia and Chicago”. Dec 07, 2011.

· Diane Anderson-Minshall. “Girl Scout Troops in Trans Panic Mode?”. Dec 19, 2011.
· Smitha Verna. “Betwixt and Between”. The Telegraph, Calcutta, March 2, 2011.

· “Joy and pain as transgender Indians 'wed' Hindu god”. France24, 03 May 2011.

· Henrietta Cook. “Transgender people face 'social isolation'”. The Canberra Times, 06 May 2011.

· Tony Philips.  "The Tranny Chaser Chaser: Gay guys who like straight guys who like guys dressed as girls".  The Village Voice, Jun 22 2011.

· Darah Hansen. “Companies are changing to support transgender employees: When workers undergo a change in gender, their employers need to address new needs”. The Vancouver Sun, Aug 15, 2011.

Paul Schindler. “Moving Beyond Shock on Transgender Health”. Gay City News, Sept 14, 2011.

· Gee Ammeena Suleiman. “Non-hijra transgenders struggle for identity”. Daily News & Analysis, Sep 18, 2011.

· “Special law for adoption of transgenders planned”. Daily News & Analysis, Oct 16, 2011.

· Sofi Papamarko. “For transgender singles, online dating is a minefield”. The Globe and Mail, Oct 13, 2011.

· Kellee Terrell. “Black and Transgender: A Double Burden: A recent report confirms that they face extreme discrimination and poverty.”. The Root, Oct 18, 2011.

· Jack Dolan. “Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate’s sex-change operation”. Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2011.

· Transgender: A Special Report. Albany Times Union.

· “Intersex Babies: Boy or Girl and Who Decides”. ABC News, March 2011.

· Donna Nebenzahl. “Gender Identity Crisis”. Montreal Gazette, 20 March 2011.

· Eliza Gray. “”. The New Republic, June 23, 2011.

· “Modern world plays havoc with age-old livelihood: Members of India's transgender community are turning to sex work to survive as their traditional way of life is eroded, writes Matt Wade in Delhi”. The Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 8, 2011.

Journal Articles,Theses & Studies

· National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality. Injustice at Every Turn. 2011.

· The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), in collaboration with the National Gay and Lesbian task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE). "Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey," 2011

· University of California, San Francisco. Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care, 2011.

· Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy, University of California Los Angeles. Three-quarters of 283 transgender Massachusetts residents surveyed have experienced some form of employment discrimination. Estimates show that the Federal and State Governments are losing more than $330 Million in income tax revenues and paying an extra $140 million for increased public assistance and health insurance costs.

· Council of Europe. Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Europe.

· Y. Gavriel Ansara & Peter Hegarty. “Cisgenderism in psychology: pathologising and misgendering children from 1999 to 2008”. Psychology and Sexuality, Jun 2011. Abstract. Full text.

· Juno Obedin-Maliver, Elizabeth S. Goldsmith, Leslie Stewart, William White, Eric Tran, Stephanie Brenman, Maggie Wells, David M. Fetterman, Gabriel Garcia, Mitchell R. Lunn. “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender–Related Content in Undergraduate Medical Education”. Journal of the American Medical Association, 306,9, 971-7, 2011. Abstract. The median reported time dedicated to LGBT-related topics in 2009-2010 was small across US and Canadian medical schools, but the quantity, content covered, and perceived quality of instruction varied substantially.

· Paisley Currah and Tara Mulqueen, "Securitizing Gender: Identity, Biometrics, and Transgender Bodies at the Airport," Social Research 78:2 (Summer 2011): 556-582. Abstract.

· Signe Bremer. Kön, transsexualism och kropp i berättelser om könskorrigering (Bodylines - Gender, transsexualism and embodiment in narratives on gender correction). PhD. Gothenburg, 2011. Abstract.

· Charlie L. Law, Larry R. Martinez, Enrica N. Ruggs, Michelle R. Hebl, Emily Akersa. “Trans-parency in the workplace: How the experiences of transsexual employees can be improved”. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 79, 3, December 2011, 710-723. Abstract.

· Human Right Watch. “We’ll Show You You’re a Woman”. Violence and Discrimination against Black Lesbians and Transgender Men in South Africa. 2011. Full Report. Summary.

· Fundamental Rights Agency. Homophobia, transphobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in the EU Member States. 2011. “All EU countries require for legal gender recognition a ‘medical opinion’ aka mental diagnosis, 17 member states demand sterilization. In 15 countries transgender people are not (clearly) protected from discrimination (in breach of EU law). This and the invisibility of trans issues in public awareness campaigns of public and national equality bodies is appalling: 79% of trans people in the EU experience some form of harassment in public ranging from transphobic comments to physical or sexual abuse.”. Summary. Full Report.

· Friedermann Pfafflin. “Remarks on the History of the Terms Identity and Gender Identity’. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13, 1, 2011: 13-25. Abstract. “This article reflects on the history of the term identity in general and especially on sexual/ gender identity and concludes that an amendment of the German Constitution is not needed.”

· Angela Calderera & Friedermann Pfafflin. “Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment Surgery in Italy”. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13, 1, 2011: 26-36. Abstract. “The resulting prevalence, lower than in other countries, suggests that the data is not complete”.

· Veronica Pimenoff & Friedermann Pfäfflin. “Transsexualism: Treatment Outcome of Compliant and Noncompliant Patients”. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13, 1, 2011: 37-44. Abstract. “The noncompliant patients achieved equally good results as the compliant ones, and did so in a shorter time. A good treatment outcome could be achieved even when the patient had told the assessing psychiatrist a falsified story of his life and sought hormone therapy, genital surgery, or legal sex reassignment on his own initiative without a recommendation from the psychiatrist. Based on these findings, it is recommended that the doctor-patient relationship be reconsidered and founded on frank cooperation.”

· Ernest Govier, Milton Diamond, Teresa Wolowiec & Catherine Slade. “Dichotic Listening, Handedness, Brain Organization, and Transsexuality”. International Journal of Transgenderism, 12, 3, 2010: 144-154. Abstact. “Taken together, the dichotic and handedness data reported here indicate that the MtF and FtM conditions are not mirror images in terms of the verbal-auditory aspects of their brain organization and neurobiology plays an important role, particularly in the development of the male-to-female trans-condition.”

· Susan B. Marine. “ ‘Our College Is Changing’: Women's College Student Affairs Administrators and Transgender Students ‘. Journal of Homosexuality, 58:9, 2011, 1165-1186. Abstract.

· Stephen L. Mann. “Drag Queens' Use of Language and the Performance of Blurred Gendered and Racial Identities”. Journal of Homosexuality, 58, 6-7, 2011: 793-811. Abstract.

· Elijah Adiv Edelman. “ ‘This Area Has Been Declared a Prostitution Free Zone’: Discursive Formations of Space, the State, and Trans ‘Sex Worker’ Bodies”. Journal of Homosexuality, 58, 6-7, 2011: 848-864. Abstract.

· Michelle Davies & Jenefer Hudson. “Judgments Toward Male and Transgendered Victims in a Depicted Stranger Rape”. ”. Journal of Homosexuality, 58, 2, 2011: 237-247. Abstract.

· Anne A Lawrence. "Further Validation of Blanchards Typology: A Reply to Nuttbrock, Bockting, Rosenblum, Mason, and Hwahng (2010)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1089-91.

· Larry Nuttbrock et al. "Sexual Arousal Associated with Private as Compared to Public Feminine Dressing among Male-to-Female Transgender Persons: A further Response to Lawrence (2011)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1093-6..

· Peggy Cadet. "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome with Male Sex-of-Living." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1101-2.

· Marcos R Garcia, V; Lehman & Yvette Piha. “Issues Concerning the Informality and Outdoor Sex Work Performed by Travestis in Sao Paulo, Brazil”. Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1211-1221. Abstract.

· Prado Cortez, Fernanda Cestaro; Boer, Douglas Pieter; Baltieri, Danilo Antonio. “A Psychosocial Study of Male-to-Female Transgendered and Male Hustler Sex Workers in Sao Paulo, Brazil”. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 40. 6 (Dec 2011): 1223-1231. Abstract.

· James M. Cantor. "New MRI Studies Support the Blanchard Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.5 (2011): 863-4.

· Thomas D. Steensma and Peggy Cohen-kettenis. "Gender Transitioning before Puberty?" Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.4 (2011): 649-50.

· Anne A. Lawrence, "Do some Men Who Desire Sex Reassignment have A Mental Disorder? Comment on Meyer-Bahlburg (2010)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.4 (2011): 651-4.

· Heino Meyer-bahlburg. "Do some Men Who Desire Sex Reassignment have A Mental Disorder? Response to Lawrence (2011)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.4 (2011): 655-7.

· Esther Gómez-gil et al. "Birth Order and Ratio of Brothers to Sisters in Spanish Transsexuals." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.3 (2011): 505-10. Abstract. “The results showed that MF homosexual transsexuals had significantly more older brothers than the non-homosexual MF group”.

· Paul L Vasey et al. "Traits of Separation Anxiety in Childhood: A Retrospective Study of Samoan Men, Women, and FaAfafine." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.3 (2011): 511-7. Abstract. “Our results indicated that Samoan fa'afafine recalled significantly more separation anxiety in childhood compared to Samoan men and women. These findings, coupled with research on U.S. and Canadian boys with GIDC, suggest that separation anxiety in childhood may represent a universal pattern of psychosexual development shared by most gender-atypical, androphilic males, regardless of their cultural milieu.”

· Guy Tsjoen et al. "Male Gender Identity in Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.3 (2011): 635-8. Abstract. “The first case of male gender identity in a CAIS individual raised female leading to complete sex reassignment involving both androgen treatment and phalloplasty. CAIS was diagnosed at age 17, based on an unambiguously female phenotype, a 46,XY karyotype, and a 2660delT androgen receptor (AR) gene mutation, leading to a premature stop in codon 807.”

· Larry Nuttbrock et al. "A further Assessment of Blanchards Typology of Homosexual Versus Non-Homosexual Or Autogynephilic Gender Dysphoria." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.2 (2011): 247-57. Abstract. “Contrary to Blanchard, differences in transvestic fetishism were observed across subtypes of the non-homosexuals, and linear (not curvilinear) associations were found along a continuous measurement of gynephilia and transvestic fetishism. Age and ethnicity, in addition to sexual orientation, were found to be statistically significant predictors of transvestic fetishism.”

· Heino Meyer-bahlburg. "Gender Outcome in 46,XY Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: Comment on TSjoen Et Al. (2010)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39.6 (2010): 1221-4.

· Lai Meng-chuan et al. "Correlates of Gender Dysphoria in Taiwanese University Students." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39.6 (2010): 1415-28. Abstract. “Results showed that gender dysphoria was more prevalent in females (7.3%) than males (1.9%). Young adults with gender dysphoria were more likely to meet a wide but specific range of co-occurring psychiatric symptoms. The most significantly associated symptoms for males were agoraphobia, hypochondriasis, manic episode, and pathological gambling, and for females dissociative disorder, hypochondriasis, and body dysmorphic disorder. Both males and females with gender dysphoria perceived significantly less support from their families and less affection/care from both parents.”

· Annika Johansson et al. "A Five-Year Follow-Up Study of Swedish Adults with Gender Identity Disorder." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39.6 (2010): 1429-37. Abstract. “At follow-up, 32 patients had completed sex reassignment surgery, five were still in process, and five--following their own decision--had abstained from genital surgery. No one regretted their reassignment. The clinicians rated the global outcome as favorable in 62% of the cases, compared to 95% according to the patients themselves, with no differences between the subgroups. Based on the follow-up interview, more than 90% were stable or improved as regards work situation, partner relations, and sex life, but 5-15% were dissatisfied with the hormonal treatment, results of surgery, total sex reassignment procedure, or their present general health.”

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