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13 October 2011

Charles Winslow Hall (1860 - 1901) painter, shooter, gambler.

Caroline Hall was born in Malden, Massachusetts, her father a prominent architect, John Hall.

In 1890, Hall left for Europe and became Charles Winslow Hall. Charles participated in shooting contests and won several. He was a frequent gambler and drinker. He was a water-color painter.

In 1897 he met Guisseppa Boriani, also an artist, of Milan. They later married.

In 1901, Mr and Mrs Hall boarded the Città di Torina, bound for New York after receiving word that his father was dying. They occupied a luxurious stateroom on the upper deck. Mrs Hall spend time in the ladies’ parlour, while Charles drank, smoked and gambled with the men until he became ill from complications due to alcoholism. The ship’s doctors discovered that he was female-bodied, and informed the captain.

Mr Hall died en voyage, and as the ship docked, the story of Caroline Hall and her wife was featured in newspapers across the US. John Hall claimed the body, and there was a small family funeral. Ms Boriani was not considered family, but was still invited.
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