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19 April 2008

Fernando Mackenzie (1836 - ?) Policeman.

Born in Paris, but of an English father and a Spanish mother, Fernando adopted a male guise while still a child. He did national service in the French army.

At the age of 35 he migrated to Spain and joined the Madrid police force. He married a woman who already had a child, and afterwards claimed the child as his own. They moved to Seville, where still serving as a policeman he was employed at the governor’s palace. In this role he served under seven successive governors.

Two years after his wife died, he was badly injured in a street accident, and was taken to hospital where it was revealed that he had a female body. Consequently he was dismissed and denied his pension.
  • Havelock Ellis. Sexual Inversion. In Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Random House.1936: 247-8

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