This site is the most comprehensive on the web devoted to trans history and biography. Well over 1700 persons worthy of note, both famous and obscure, are discussed in detail, and many more are mentioned in passing.

There is a detailed Index arranged by vocation, doctor, activist group etc. There is also a Place Index arranged by City etc. This is still evolving.

In addition to this most articles have one or more labels at the bottom. Click one to go to similar persons. There is a full list of labels at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. There is also a search box at the top left. Enjoy exploring!

Jargon and Typology articles

Jargon and Typology essays

Charlotte Bach's theory of evolution

Did Magnus Hirschfeld coin the word 'Transvestite' 
Drag Queenery on the Road to WomanHood
The ebb and flow of social constructions
The erasure of female transvestites
Georgina Turtle's typology of transvetists and transsexualists
Magnus Hirschfeld, Edward Wood and the coining of 'transsexual'
Mayhem: A legal concept
The Missing Word: 'Transvestity'
A Prolegomenon to a Typology of Cis Gender Variance
A rejoinder to Kay Brown's "What is a Transsexual" 
Rejoinder to Kay Brown 2: the gynephilics
Some observations on the tranny word

TG, concepts and usages.
Part 1: Introduction: the meanings of Transgender
Virginia Prince: Jargon Terms and general comments

What is Autogynephilia
What is Gender Dysphoria?
the Word 'Androphilic'

Transgender lexicons:
Virginia Prince
Raven Usher
Chris Bartlett
Jack Molay

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  1. I have written a couple of short essays on TG terminology and they appear in my collection of short pieces, _The Life and Loves of a Transgendered Lesbian Librarian and other essays, stories and verses_. The essays are "Alphabet Soup and Umbrellas" and "Terminology". If you are interested I could scan them for you, or send you a copy of the book.
    Katherine Cummings


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