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27 May 2011

Brian Viglione (1979–) drummer.

Brian Viglione was raised in New Hampshire. His father gave him a set of drums at age 5. At nine, a cousin said that he looked like a girl, and it made him feel good. At age 11 his father took him to see The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, which became a major inspiration. At 14 he discovered The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

His parents were tentatively encouraging about his cross-dressing but warned him to be cautious. He went in drag to his 8th grade dance, and the other kids thought that he was cool.

From age 16 Brian started gigging with various bands in New England, and in 1999 moved to Boston where he played punk on both drums and bass guitar.

He met singer-pianist Amanda Palmer at Halloween, 2000 in Boston, they clicked, and became The Dresden Dolls, but not lovers, putting the band first. They mix cabaret and rock and both dress on stage. They toured with Nine Inch Nails, and Brian played on the Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts I-IV.

He also gives drum lessons and played with many up-coming band, including Brooklyn's punk orchestra, The World/Inferno Friendship Society.

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