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29 March 2016

40 trans persons in Australia who changed things by example and/or achievement

  • Norman Haire (1892 – 1952) Australian sexologist, colleague of Hirschfeld. GVWW   book
  • Herbert Bower (1914 - 2006) co-founder of Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic. GVWW

  • Trudy Kennedy (1936 - 2011) co-founder of Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic.
  • Peter Haertsch (1945 - ) best-known Australian sex-change surgeon. Discussion   Newsarticle

  1. Edward de Lacy Evans (1830 – 1901) Irish immigrant in Melbourne, labourer outed when entered lunatic asylum in 1879. GVWW
  2. Steve Hart (1859 – 1880) Irish immigrant in Victoria State, part of Ned Kelly Gang. GVWW
  3. William Edwards (1874 – 1956) from Melbourne, sheep shearer, performer. GVWW
  4. Harry Leo Crawford (1875 – 1938) manual worker in Sydney convicted of murdering his wife. GVWW   EN.Wikipedia
  5. Bill Smith (1886 – 1975) Queensland jockey, brewery worker. GVWW
  6. William Smith (190? - ?) farm worker sued to get wages at male rate. GVWW
  7. Harry Foy (1901 – 1942) Sydney female impersonator 1940s GVWW
  8. Lea Sonia (191? - 1941) female impersonator in 1930s. GVWW
  9. Rose Jackson (1934 – 2011) Sydney performer, costumier. GVWW
  10. Kate Cummings (1935 - ) immigrant from Scotland, librarian who spent much time in North America meeting pioneers of the 1960s and 1970s. First Australian to get her Naturalization Certificate reissued with the revised gender. TSSuccesses

  11. Kathy Anne Noble (1935 - 2015) UK immigrant, Brisbane activist, founder of Agender Australia and Changeling Aspects. Book
  12. Peter Stirling (1936 - ) shoe retailer, store detective, female-born XXY  GVWW
  13. Pip Wherrett (1936 – 2009) Sydney motorsports journalist, broadcaster. GVWW   EN.Wikipedia
  14. Janine Roberts (1942 - ) UK immigrant, investigative journalist. GVWW
  15. Carlotta (1943 - ) Sydney entertainer, 1st trans to play trans on television in 1973. GVWW   EN.Wikipedia 
  16. Raewyn Connell (1944 - ) sociologist at the University of Sydney, specializes in the social construction of masculinity EN.Wikipedia
  17. Sarah Parry (1945 - ) ship's captain in Hobart. GVWW
  18. Westerley Windina (1950 - ) Queensland champion surfer. GVWW
  19. Doris Fish (1952 – 1991) Sydney drag performer who found fame in San Francisco. GVWW
  20. Rachael Padman (1954 - ) from Melbourne, physicist at Cambridge. GVWW
  21. Adele Bailey (1955 – 1978) NZ-born sex worker in Melbourne whose murder became an ongoing mystery. GVWW
  22. Catherine McGregor (1956 - ) Australian soldier, cricketer, sports writer, political aide GVWW   EN.Wikipedia
  23. Roberta Perkins (195? - ) author of Drag Queen Scene: Transsexuals in Kings Cross, and books on prostition, co-founder of Tiresias House, which grew into The Gender Centre. Books    Gender Centre
  24. Tracie O'Keefe (1957 - ) British-born hypnotherapist in Sydney, author of books on TSity Books   Gender Centre
  25. Penny Whetton (1958 - ) climate scientist in Victoria State. GVWW   EN.Wikipedia

  26. Olivia Watts (1961 - ) police officer, naturopath, Wicca  GVWW

  27. Norrie May-Welby (1961 - ) Immigrant from Scotland, pursued legal status of being neither male nor female. EN.Wikipedia
  28. Madison Hall (1964 - ) NSW murderer, first Australian to have TG surgery in prison. GVWW
  29. Estelle Asmodelle (1964 - ) NSW dancer. Model, activist. GVWW  EN.Wikipedia
  30. Mianne Bagger (1966 - ) pioneered permissions for trans women to compete in ladies' golf. EN.Wikipedia
  31. Alan Finch (1967 - ) UK immigrant. Much cited changeback. GVWW
  32. Sally Goldner (1968 - ) co-founder of Transgender Victoria, activist, GLBTI Person of the year 2015. VictoriaHRC
  33. Christine Chappel (1972 – 2000) from Perth, Western Australia, murdered in Suffolk, UK. GVWW
  34. Tony Briffa (1971 - ) PAIS raised as a girl, lived as a man, now neither/both. Intersex activist, Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Victoria. EN.Wikipedia   GVWW
  35. Savannah Jackson (1972 - ) financier. Newsarticle

  36. Veronica Baxter (1975 – 2009) Queensland aboriginal died in Sydney police custody. GVWW

  37. Bridget Clinch (1979 - ) Army Captain whose struggle to stay forced Army to change its policy of terminating trans persons. Newsarticle
  38. Delilah Slack-Smith (196? - ) martial artist. Gender Centre   Star Observer
  39. Jordan Raskopoulos (1982 - ) comedian, actor. EN.Wikipedia
  40. Kate Doak (198? - ) Sydney journalist DeadlyNewt


  1. Dr Rosemary Jones <

  2. Among Australians who have changed things by example there is also Julia Doulman, who was featured in the documentary by Ruth Cullen "Becoming Julia". The documentary has been screened widely in Australia and overseas and had its premiere at the prestigious Sydney Film Festival. The film follows country boy Paul through the gender affirmation process to being attractive female Julia.

    Katherine Cummings
    Information Worker,
    NSW Gender Centre

  3. Here is the most recent photograph of Katherine Cummings, in May 2017, receiving her sixty-year membership pin from the President of the Australian Library and Information Association.
    Photo would not cut and paste. Advice?
    Katherine Cummings


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