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11 March 2016

Moscow, 1926

In Nikolai Krementsov's Revolutionary Experiments: The Quest for Immortality in Bolshevik Science and Fiction, Oxford, 2013, we find on page 152.

"Available evidence indicates that at least one Moscow clinic did practice such operations.  As an Evening Moscow reporter informed his readers in December 1926, professor Il’ia Golianitskii, well-known for his work on plastic surgery and tissue transplantations, had successfully performed sex-change operations on both men and women.  Entitled “Underdeveloped people” and illustrated by  a photograph of one of the patients, the reportage described five successful sex-change operations: four on women and one on a man."

Unfortunately, that is the only mention of professor Golianitskii in the entire book.

 1926 is earlier than the pioneering operations carried out at Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute in Berlin.  If this is so, the early history of surgical transsexuality will be changed.  

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