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15 December 2015

Some Events of 2015: Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Deaths

Part 1: Organizations & Activists, Equal marriage, Other Legislation.
Part 2: Persons, Changebacks
Part 3: Marriage, Lovers and Family, Trans Kids
Part 4: Politics & Government, Celebrities, Sports
Part 5: Schools, Universities & Colleges, Military, Cops & Firefighters, Conviction & Imprisonment, Homeless Shelters, US TSA, Nemeses
Part 6: Doctors & Sexologists, Medicine, Genetics, Legal, Deaths
Part 7: Autogynephilia, Drag, Butch, Dress Reform, Homeogender Surgeries, Fashion, Beauty Pageants, Music & Performance
Part 8: Internet, Art, Radio, Television, Adverts, Pornography, Theatre, Cinema
Part 9: Jargon, News Media, Journal Articles & Studies
Part 10: Archives & History, Books.

Doctors & Sexologists

World Medical Association issued guidelines: being transgender is not a disorder and WMA explicitly rejects "coercive treatment or forced behavior modification”.

Dr Curtis Crane, San Francisco, one of only a few surgeons in the U.S. performing a high volume of phalloplasties.

Ece, 41, Instanbul dentist, fired by her clinic.

Rachel Levine confirmed as Pennsylvania physician general.

Richard Curtis, who took over Russell Reid's practice, under investigation since 2011, is now cleared.

Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Columbia University and The Fenway Institute at Fenway Health launching detailed study of trans in US.

Dr Catherine Syengo Mutisya is a consultant psychiatrist in Nairobi who has 2 trans clients, one of whom has had surgery.

Dr Douglas Ousterhout's home, otherwise known as the Mrs Doubtfire's House, 2650 Steiner St, San Francisco, currently worth $3,400,000, was subjected to an arson attack by Tyqwon Eugenen Welch, who was dissatisfied by his work, and wanted her $45,000 refunded.

Dr Thep Vechavisit, Bangkok, possibly the world's cheapest transgender surgery at 70,000 baht.

Chilean College of Psychologists issued a statement that there is no scientific basis for supposed cures of homosexuality and transsexuality.


CAMH, Toronto, reviewed trans youth program after outcry. The external review reported in December that the Clinic for children and youth was “out of touch, engaging in serious ethical lapses and utilizing practices that verged on reparative therapy”. The clinic was closed, and Kenneth Zucker is no longer with CAMH.

The transphobia at Johns Hopkins University Clinic. (previous history: Part 1, PartII)

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC, has discontinued top surgery for trans women as they do not have enough surgeons to meet demand.

Maricopa Integrated Health System, Phoenix, Arizona for trans men with women's health concerns,

Legal issues:

Bobbie Pearson, London, Ontario, suing Ontario Health Insurance Plan for reimbursement of $20,000 it cost for transgender surgery that she had in Pennsylvania, but without the approval of the CAMH Gender Clinic.

Jakob Rumble, Minnesota, treated rudely when admitted to hospital with inflamed female organs. First extensive federal court analysis of Section 1557 of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The provision prohibits discrimination by health care providers and is the first federal civil rights law barring sex discrimination in health care. Rumble is suing.

Michaela Raab, 40, Nuremburg, suing doctors at University Hospital Erlangen, who 20 years ago put her on female hormones and removed her clitoris/penis without telling her that she had 46 XY chromosomes. She has had health problems since and is asking for €250,000 in damages and a monthly pension of €1,600.

Medicine & Genetics

37-year-old man, Lancashire, discovered to have an interior uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Being Young and Trans Is Not the Result of a Hormonal Imbalance.

biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity

Comorbidity and Side Effects of Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment in Transsexual Subjects. Based on 2000+ patients in US and Europe. Article.

US FDA bans trans women from donating blood because they are considered to be gay men.

trans women to give birth within five years 

health benefits from mtf surgery: lower insulin resistance and lower accumulation of fat in the liver.

Long-term hormone treatment (HRT) for transgender people is safe

no real difference between male and female brains

Trans men lose ability to multi-task.

Is osteoarthritis twice as common in women because of high heels?

The medical pros and cons of suppressing puberty

PrEP, HIV preventative medicine works for trans women

penis transplants from a cadaver in SA and US

a century of misconceptions about X & Y chromosomes

XY Indian gives birth to twins

Identical twins

Raised together in New Zealand. Only Mary transitioned.
Lily, St Albans, now 6, knew at 18mths that she was a girl.
Luana, 8, youngest person to register gender change under recent Argentinian law.
Nicole, 18, her family's story is now published: Becoming Nicole.
Aiden, 55, featured in ITV documentary Secret Life of Twins.


Amiee Stephens, Detroit area funeral director fired in 2013, case continues with support of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Audrey Mbuga and four other Kenyans are suing to compel the state to register their names on ID cards.

Angela Dawson, Vancouver, awarded $15,000 after police officers misgendered her and she was not allowed to dilate.

Christine Kitzler, 48, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, defeated an attempt by her parents just before surgery. They claimed that she was mentally unsound in that she had a childhood learning disability and bouts of depression. However the judge ruled that Christine knew what she doing, and allowed the operation to continue.

Dana Zzyym, represented by Lamda Legal, suing US State Department because denied passport in that could not accurately choose either male of female on the application form.

Mexican refugee claimant in US, Edin Carey Avendano-Hernandez, who suffered years of sexual and physical abuse, won a ruling that cannot be deported to Mexico despite a felony conviction. "Country conditions evidence shows that police specifically target the transgender community for extortion and sexual favors and that Mexico suffers from an epidemic of unsolved violent crimes against transgender persons," Judge Jacqueline Nguyen wrote for the 9th Circuit panel.

Peruvian singer Fiorella Cava attempts to regain her law degree.

Mr & Mrs Crawford v. Medical University of South Carolina, Greenville Health System. Doctors performed unnecessary sex assignment surgery on their son when he was 16 months old. He was born with both male and female reproductive organs, but “there was no medical necessity to remove any of his genital tissue,” his adoptive parents said in their lawsuit. Doctors should have let M.C. eventually choose a gender for himself, they contend.

Lawyers for Gavin Grim who is challenging being barred from boy's restrooms at his school, asked for judge to be removed after he repeatedly referred to plaintiff's 'mental disorder'.

Jackie Ravesi, fitness trainer, Framingham, Massachusetts, fired 5 years ago. Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination ruled that she should get 5 year's back pay plus $25,000 for emotional damages.

JK wished to amend the birth certificates of her two children to contain her post-transition name rather than her male name, and to say 'parent' rather than 'father'. The High Court of Justice ruled against this request.

K Prithika Yashin applied to be a police sub-inspector in Tamil Nadu, but was rejected because third gender. She sued and a court in Chennai ruled in her favour. Tamil Nadu police already have 3 trans constables.

Kate Lynn Blatt, Pennsylvania, sued for discrimination after losing her job in 2008, and thereby is testing the Americans with Disabilities Act which explicitly excludes “immoral” conditions including “transvestism, transsexualism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gender identity disorders not resulting from physical impairments, or other sexual behavior disorders”.

Kay Browning, 24, Devon, sued after not allowed to use men's toilets, has reached out-of-court settlement.

Luc Athayde-Rizzaro, 25, Brazilian lawyer with Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Monica Jones, arrested 2013 for accepting a ride from an undercover cop and thereby charged with prostitution, has had all charges dismissed, but the Arizona law, that gives police license to arrest people for engaging in lawful activity, including talking to passersby, without evidence that the person actually planned to do sex work, still stands.

Nikki Araguz: Texas Appeals Court re-validated her marriage to her deceased husband, and sent it back to the judge who originally voided their marriage.

Phyllis Frye, judge in Houston, profiled.

Kael McKenzie, Winnipeg, of indigenous ancestry, is now a provincial court judge.

Tristan Broussard, 21, Lake Charles, Louisiana, filed sex-discrimination lawsuit after forced to leave job. A company executive found out he was listed on his driver's license as female. The executive demanded he dress and act like a woman, something he refused to do.

Vasudevan Ramoo’s application to be recognised as a female by the National Registration Department (NRD)’s director-general was rejected by a High Court judge.

A Buenos Aires Judge Victor Trionfetti upheld a claim for damages initiated by a trans woman, denouncing the institutional violence suffered in her life over 60 years. He ordered the Government of the City of Buenos Aires pay monthly the equivalent of a vital and minimum wage, 4,716 pesos, for violating her constitutional and essential rights.

Costa Rica's Constitutional Court dismissed an appeal by a woman who sough coverage for her surgery from the public health system.

New York Law School Impact Center presented a Salon on Transgender Issue September 29 2015.

Saks Fifth Avenue Claims It Has A Right To Discriminate Against Transgender Employees, but was persuaded to withdraw.

US Department of Justice addressed the transgender exclusion written into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), urging the court to ignore the exclusion in order to avoid a constitutional problem.


Cis Persons


Roberto Granato (1926 – 2014) sex change surgeon, patients included Diane Kearny, Renee Richards, Eleanor Schuler, Jeanne Hoff


James Dalrymple (1931 – 2014) sex-change surgeon who worked with Russell Reid.

Norma Czinki (1944 – 2015) wife of Douglas Czinki who became Angela Douglas.

Leee Childers (1945 – 2014) long term flat-mate of Jayne County and photographer of drag-queens.

Trans Obituaries – other than being murdered


Malva Solis (1923 -2015) Chilean moved to Argentina, ex-sex worker, recently in nursing home. More

++Dianna Boileau (1930 - 2014)  secretary, 1st trans woman in Ontario to have surgery, 1st Canadian TS autobiography.

Aaïcha Bergamin, (1932 – 2014) performer, sex worker, activist, ran second Dutch Madame Arthur, of lung cancer.

Kathey Anne Noble (1935 – 2015) Brisbane activist, author of Two Lives. More

Paula Hartigan (19?? - 2015) activist in Sydney, NSW.

Jim Bailey (1938 – 2015) female impersonator, from complications from pneumonia.

Holly Woodlawn (1946 – 2015) film icon, performer, after a period of illness.

Sally Gross (1953 – 2015) anti-apartheid and intersex activist, founder of Intersex South Africa. More

Marla Krolikowski (1953 – 2015) teacher at Catholic high school in Queens, NY, fired in 2011, died in hospital, her wife in attendence.

Candice Kelly (1957 – 2015) Toronto drag queen. Active in Imperial Court of Toronto.

Sandra Clark (1959 – 2014) principal horn player for the Toledo Symphony, of brain cancer.

Jovana Luna (1978 – 2015) San Francisco outreach coordinator for El/La Para Translatina .

Doga Asi Cevik (1980 – 2015) ex-soldier, trans activist, from complications after transgender surgery. Featured in book Dönmelere Doyamadık (We Cannot Get Enough of Transsexuals).

Synestra De Courcy (1993 – 2015) head-boy at school, survived rape, robbery and prostitution, died at a house party days before being accepted for treatment on the NHS.   More

Killed or assaulted by a trans person:


Adrieli de Almeida Silva, 26, Cruzeiri do Sul, Acre, Brazil, killed trans woman Bia da Silva, an ex-lover. While in custody, killed trans woman Letitia Siribelo, 19, who owed her R$ 3 mil.

Cait Jenner, then still Bruce, rear-ended car driven by Kim Howe who was killed. Criminal charges were not pursued, but Howe's family and those of the third car are suing.

Centia Renee Martin, 36, hired as a topless maid and masseuse, killed client. News articles do not mention that she is trans.

Connor MacCalister, Maine, killed random woman in supermarket. Waived right to trial and any mental health defense. And has returned to identifying as female. Sentenced to life imprisonment.

Helen Doe, Croydon, employed by Metropolitan Police Uniform Services, who battered her brother on the head with an iron bar while sleep-walking, cleared of attempted murder.

Lee Bodsworth, Sudbury, Ontario, charged with sexual assault on a minor, agreed to a lessor charge of assault. The facts were not disclosed in court. Bodsworth got to a suspended sentence and 18 months probation.

Lynn Edward Benton, former police sergeant, on trial for killing his wife, trial rescheduled to 2016.

Madison Reid subjected to transphobia and reacted by striking Bruce Archambault dozens of times with a aluminium bat, killing him. Convicted of manslaughter.

Mirella de Souza e Silva, Piracicabo, São Paulo province, ordered killing of Bee Felippe (also trans sex worker), and has been sentenced to 15 years.

Nicola Cope, Tamworth, Staffordshire, transitioned 2008, jailed for 16 years for raping 2 young girls 1987-2003.

Tang/Black Rose drugs and robs men met online.

Witchai Sripalang, Pattaya, attacked, with stilletto heel, Irish tourist Michael Merry, potential trick after rejection.

Death resulting from Silicone Injections


Alicia Clarke, St Louis, Missouri arrested in connection with death after butt injection.
Donnie Hendrix/Viva arrested and convicted.

Padge Victoria Windslowe found guilty of third-degree murder of UK tourist Claudia Aderotimi in 2011. Sentenced to 10 years.

Alison de Sousa, 20-year-old trans sex worker died in brothel in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, from silicone injection.

Nitica Deonte Lee, 44, Dallas, charged with manslaughter of 22-year-old dancer.


Karis Anne Ross (1978 – 2014) special ed teacher, Milwaukee, after 10 years of bullying.

Mikki Nicholson, (1978 – 2014) Carlisle, UK national Scrabble champion 2010, suffered frequent abuse, committed suicide.

Jess Ships (1983 – 2015) ex-USAF, who counseled other suicidal vets.

May Peleg (1984 – 2015) left ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, later committed suicide, left will that to be cremated, family opposed this as per Jewish custom. Israeli Supreme Court ruled for will of the deceased.

Sumaya Dalmar (1988 – 2015) Somali-born Torontonian model.

Ashley Hallstrom, (1989 – 2015), Utah, posted suicide letter on Facebook and then walked in front of dump truck.

Rachel Bryk (1992 -2013) games developer, suffering chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis, also online bullying.

Charlotte Loh (1993 – 2015) Auckland, after bullying and abuse.

Blake Brockington (1996 - 2015) homecoming king of East Mecklenburg High School 2014, recently at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, committed suicide.

Leelah Acorn (1997 – 2014) raised by conservative Christian family in Ohio. Buried under her male name. Resulting petitions etc led to US President Obama pledging to work towards banning conversion therapy.

Ashlyn Haffner (1998 – 2015) North Carolina, after bullying at school.

Taylor Alesana (1999 – 2015) Fallbrook, California, after bullying at school.

Zander Mahaffey (1999 – 2015) Ohio, bullied by family.
Kyler Prescott, (2001 - 2015), San Diego, after cyber bullying.

Murdered Trans persons

271 murders of trans persons were recorded in 2015, and many more died without being recorded. These are but a small sample.

Daya Rani (1959 – 2015) Indian presidential candidate 2009, murdered by estranged nephew-in-law.

Torrance Cheeves/Miss Whoochie (1964 – 2015) San Antonio drag performer.

Kristina Gomez Reinwald (1973 – 2015) Miami, performer.

Diana Sacayán (1975 – 2015) Argentinian activist, given first revised ID card by President.

Hande O. (1979 – 2015) Turkish asylum seeker in Austria.

Vanessa Santillan, (1982 - 2015) sex worker, Fulham, London, previously Mexico, killed by her husband when he caught her with a client.

Tamara Dominguez (1983 – 2015) Kansas City, run over by SUV 3 times.

Wanderson Maia dos Santos (1983 – 2015) Coroado, Manaus, Brazil, found in vacant lot after missing for two days.

Bárbara Sodré (1985 – 2015) Sergipe, Brazil, preparing to get out of sex work, killed by client who did not want to pay.

Mya Hall (1986 – 2015) Baltimore, drove off in a SUV belonging to a trick, took a restricted exit, and shot dead at entrance to National Security Agency.

Dilan Parra Vera (1988 – 2015) La Pintana, Chile, killed for sexual jealousy.

Pui (1990 - 2015) dancer with the Beija-Flor samba school, Rio. Video on social media of her being tortured for being in the wrong favela.

Tyrone Lee Underwood (1990 – 2015) Texas, killed by boyfriend

Juliana Andrea Pérez, (1992 - 2015) San Pedro de los Milagros, Antioquia, Colombia, killed with her boyfriend.

Bri Golec (1992 – 2015) Akron, Ohio, murdered by her father.

Penny Proud (1993 – 2015) New Orleans, shot multiple times during robbery.

Carlos Neto Alves Júnior (1994 – 2015) São Paulo, and 5 cis women killed by serial killer Jorge Luis Morais de Oliveira

Keisha Jenkins (1993 – 2015) Philadelphia, whilst being robbed.

Marcio Henrique Barbosa Cruz (199? - 2015) Brazilian in Naples, killed by 2 Nigerians in drug trade.

Zella Ziona, (1994 - 2015), Maryland, killed by an acquaintance.

Laura Vermont (1997 – 2015) São Paulo, in a fight with another trans woman, when military police arrived, and she was shot dead.

Michael (2002 -2015) Araraquara, São Paulo state, abandoned by mother at age 2, taken from grandfather who put the boy to work, ran away from shelter and became a trans prostitute at age 12. Died of 15 stab wounds and broken fingers.

Cold Cases:


Lake County, Florida Sheriff's office issued sketch of unknown 1988 murder victim only now discovered to be trans by DNA analysis.

Kathy Foster, 24 in 1990 when she was murdered in Ontario, Los Angeles. DNA evidence may now convict her killer.

Brandy Martell, 37 in 2012, when killed in San Francisco. Police have identified killer who was himself killed later that year.


Here is the best list of names for October 2013-September 2014    Overview.

Note the general increase: 162 in 2009
179 in 2010
221 in 2011
265 in 2012
238 in 2013 (which is slightly less bad than 2012)
226 in 2014 (again slightly less bad)
271 in 2015
Of course most countries did not supply data.  In particular, the  totals for Africa (see below) are surprisingly low.  

In 2015, again, most of the murders were in the Americas: Brazil (118), Mexico (34), USA (27), Colombia (15).

Over the seven years that TransRespect has reported, “the highest absolute numbers have been found in countries with strong trans movements and trans or LGBT organizations that do a professional monitoring: Brazil (770), Mexico (217), Colombia (98), Venezuela (90) and Honduras (79) in Central and South America, the USA (129) in North America, Turkey (39) and Italy (32) in Europe, and India (53), the Philippines (37) and Pakistan (34) in Asia.”

“The relative numbers show even more worrisome results for some countries with smaller population sizes. Honduras, for instance, has a rate of 9.56 reported trans killings per million inhabitants, for Guyana the rate is 5.00, while for Brazil the rate is 3.84, for Mexico the rate is 1.77, and for the USA the rate is 0.40.”

“In the last 7 ½ years:

1,507 killings of trans people have been reported in Central and South America, which account for 78 % of the globally reported murders of trans people since January 2008. In this region, there has been the strongest increase in reports and with 23 countries Central and South America is the best documented region.
174 killings of trans people have been reported in Asia in 16 countries;
134 killings of trans people have been reported in North America;
104 killings of trans people have been reported in Europe in 15 countries;
9 killings of trans people have been reported in Africa in 4 countries;
5 killings of trans people have been reported in Oceania in 4 countries.”

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