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08 August 2012

George Kelf (168? - ?) convicted.

In 1726, George Kelf from Bramton Park, Hertfordshire, was visiting London. Two women picked him up, and they went to an ale house where the two women fell into conversation with Margaret Bradford as if old friends. In jest, Kelf referred to one of the women as his wife, and the other as his sister.

Bradford had a spare room, and offered to let it for the night, to avoid a late night journey. After Kelf and the two women had been in the room a hour, he came down to share a pot of ale with Mrs Bradford. He returned to the room and fell asleep. Mrs Bradford remembered that the drawers in the room were unlocked. She went up and found the two women gone, and the clothing in the drawers also.

Kelf was arrested, tried and cast for transportation. While in Newgate prison it was suspected that he was a woman, and he was examined and discovered. He admitted that he had lived as a man for sixteen years.

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