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16 December 2009

David Martin (1946 – 1984) burglar.

David, a heterosexual transvestite, had been in and out of prison several times.

After shooting a policeman when interrupted during a burglary in 1983, he became one of the most wanted criminals in Britain. After a chase across London, Martin was supposedly shot in Earls Court, but it turned out to be the wrong man.

Martin was arrested shortly afterwards, but hung himself in prison before coming to trial. The story was filmed as a television movie in 1994.

*Not the Scottish, nor the English, nor the Nebraska politician, nor the poet, nor the Governor of New South Wales, nor the musician, nor the gymnast, nor any of the footballers, nor the Texas axe-murderer.
  • Paul Greengrass (scr & dir). Open Fire. With Jim Carter as DCS Young, Rupert Graves as David Martin and Eddie Izzard as Rich. UK London Weekend Television 105 mins 1994 TV.

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