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13 December 2018

Richard Green, John Randell and ....

See also  John Randell (1918 – 1982) Psychiatrist.

In Richard Green's new book

  • Gay Rights, Trans Rights: A psychiatrist/lawyer's 50-year battle.  2018.

we find on p 154: 

"Randell was a careful clinician who assessed nearly as many gender dysphoric patients as Harry Benjamin.  John became a friend in my 1966 London fellowship year.  He had a home and family in North London.   But he also had a flat in Central London.  One evening, as we were preparing to go out for drinks and dinner at his club, he went to the wardrobe to get his coat.  There were many dresses on hangers.  'A woman stays here sometimes' he explained.  I thought he had a mistress.  I did not realize that they were his dresses."


1 comment:

  1. Indeed, Indeed! Quelle surprise. It has often been said (partly in jest)that psychiatrists enter the profession to find out more about themselves.


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