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13 December 2017

‘Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?’ - the controversial documentary

This is the controversial documentary that was broadcast by the BBC last January, and was supposed to go out on CBC this week, but was withdrawn at the last moment.   There is a lot of Canadian content.

The documentary, as per standard television practice, presents different points of view, but of course the director decided the balance.  And it is the balance that is the problem.   There is far too much Ken Zucker, he is given a platform, and he is presented as a well-meaning victim.  There is also too much Ray Blanchard.  The claimed statistics that the overwhelming majority of trans kids actually desist are extremely dubious.   The statistical arguments against them are not given. 

Twice Zucker is shown saying: “a four-year-old might say that he’s a dog – do you go out and buy dog food?”   Is not even he ashamed to use such a stupid argument?

Here is an article in the Guardian from when the documentary was shown on the BBC.  "Green [CEO of Mermaids] said she had been contacted by the producer of the documentary but only to see if she knew anyone who had 'detransitioned', and said it was worrying that this had been a focus for the programme makers."

This encyclopedia is anti-censorship.   So here is an embedding of the entire documentary.   Watch it but watch it critically.

One needs to know one's enemies. 

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