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18 July 2012

Rusty Ryan (1947 - 2003) stock broker, drag performer.

Robert Timbrell was from Kingston, Ontario. He was working as a stock broker when he was helped in starting his drag career by Craig Russell in 1972.

Rusty founded The Great Impostors the same year, which initially included Michelle DuBarry, and they concentrated on touring small towns at a time when taking a drag revue into northern Ontario was considered brave and crazy, but they were actually treated as stars.

Rusty also played parts, both male and female, in commercials. He was Jimmy the bartender in the two Craig Russell films, and had a part in the US remake of Queer as Folk.

In 1999 Rusty had a contract with a Vancouver agent and The Great Impostors played 382 stages across the country. He also toured with Frankie Goes to Hollywood. He was proudly gay, and performed in many drag fund-raisers and charity events.

He died of a coronary just after a mufti performance in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

*Not the Brad Pitt character in Ocean’s 11 and sequels.

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