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28 August 2010

Jessica Amanda Salmonson (1950 - ) writer, editor.

Jesse Amos Salmonson transitioned in the mid 1970s while editing The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror as Amos Salmonson. The magazine served as a forum for issues of feminism, and Salmonson was open about her personal changes at the time.

She has specialized as a writer and anthologist in stories with female protagonists, and in feminist science fiction. She has also used the names Patrick Lean and Josiah Kerr and Paghat the Ratgirl.
    • Jessica Amanda Salmonson. The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Present Era. New York: Paragon House, 1991; New York: Anchor Doubleday(pb), xiii, 290 pp1992.
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    • Jessica Amanda Salmonson. Violet Books The imprint is owned by Salmonson. The web site contains many essays by her, and many bibliographies, both of topics that interest her, and also of her own work.
    • Jessica Amanda Salmonson. The Weird Wild Realm of Paghat the Ratgirl's Movie Reviews

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