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03 February 2023

Countries where trans persons may self-id (no psychiatric or other medial assessment or treatment required)

2010 Council of Europe resolution calling for self-id

2012 Argentina

2014 Denmark

Slightly out of date: add Spain & Finland

Amnesty appealed for "quick, accessible and transparent procedures and in accordance with their own perceptions of gender identity"

2015 Colombia




2016 Bolivia (a psychological examination attesting that the petitioner consents is required)


2017 Belgium


         Newfoundland & Labrador

         France (application to a court is required)

2018 Brazil

         Costa Rica (after a ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights)


States and provinces not shown


2019 Uruguay





          Nova Scotia

2022 Switzerland



         British Columbia

         Scotland (vetoed by UK Govt)

2023 New Zealand/Aotearoa

Note re Mexico:  No national law as such, but 20 states/cities have introduced self-id.

2014 Mexico City

2017 Michoacan


2018 Coahuila

2019 Hidalgo

         San Luis Potosi





2020 Sonora


        Quintana Roo

2021 Puebla

         Baja California Sur

         Mexico State/Edomex


2022 Baja California



  1. Australia allowed Tasmania, the US allowed California and Canada allowed 3 provinces to pass and implement self-id laws, but the UK vetoed Scotland's law. The UK unlike Ireland, Denmark, Argentina etc treats its citizens as immature.

    1. Canada under Trudeau is doing well but I feat backtracking should the conservatives regain power


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