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18 March 2012

Sophia Lamar (196?–) performer, model, actress.

Enrique Muñoz was born in Havana, where she was part of the underground scene before emigrating in 1980.

As Sophia Lamar, she made a name in the San Francisco club and art scene, and then moved to New York where she was active in The Club Kids scene until its founder, Michael Alig, was convicted of murdering a drug dealer.

She then became involved with Brooklyn’s Electroclash movement. She became a club hostess, then recorded some songs, and modeled for Levi’s among others. She has acted Off-Broadway, and has been in several films.

In 2001 Sophia and Amanda Lepore sued a nightclub for discrimination when they were replaced by cis women.

In 2004 Sophia was named one ’10 to watch’ by Interview Magazine.

In 2009 she was deleted from Wikipedia for lack of notability.

1 comment:

  1. It's insane that she was deleted from Wikipedia when you consider that any straight guy with any sex drive would take her over a so-called "real woman" eight days a week.


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