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17 October 2008

Some musings on this and that

On my postings I often put a line across like this
to separate fact from opinion. As I see my blog in Firefox, which I normally use, the line is truncated if the screen size is reduced, and I thought that all browsers did that. However I recently had cause to use other people's machines and I see that in Safari or in IE the line is wrapped rather than truncated.

I use Firefox because of the menu of widgets that are offered. Most important is NoScript which prevents any Java script or other script on a site being executed until I give permission. To research as I do, this is an essential item, because Google sometimes takes me to very strange sites and without NoScript I would be fearful. While millions of us use NoScript, many authors of sites do not allow for the possibility, as they do not allow for the possibility that, except for specified exceptions, we do not permit cookies. Don't you just love those sites which simply tell you to permit cookies generally and do not give a list of addresses to permit cookies for. It then becomes a game of trial and error. Some commercial sites have lost my business through such stupidity.

I love that it that Google now offers 'History' at the end of an item. This takes me into the Way Back Machine and I can see and save the version of the web site that you took down two years ago.

In my googling I came across this:
This relates to Transylvania University in Kentucky, no, not in Romania. They call themselves 'transy people', and the photograph was labelled 'transyboys'. Do they not know of us?

I have been sorely tempted to whittle down the items in my BlogRoll as several of the bloggers are mainly going on about an election, rather than gender variant topics. I have started to refer to that election as the 'election that never ends'. Is there any other country where an election takes more than 6 weeks? Canada voted this Tuesday just gone - after a five-week campaign. The result threatened GLBTQI rights should the so-called 'Conservative' party achieve a majority. Fortunately they did not, but none of the bloggers that I follow seems to care. Canada also invited all five party leaders to the television debates, not just the two front-runners. Also the estimated cost of the Canadian election was $290 million: divide by a population of 33 million, and it cost less than $10 per person.

I must admit that I am mystified by the enthusiasm that some bloggers have for Obama. Obviously he is definitely a lesser evil than the other front-runner, but he wants to invade Pakistan, he voted for the bailout-theft, he has bowed before AIPAC, he has not condemned the illegal invasion of Iraq. By European standards he is definitely right of centre. He is so right wing that even Christopher Hitchens supports him.

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