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12 March 2007

Whatever happened to ... Miss Destiny?

The record left by some transgender persons can be tantalizingly brief. Take Miss Destiny, apparently her own name for herself. She became one of the most famous transgender persons in 1963 when she was featured in John Rechy's City of Night. She was then in her early 20s, and living off men. She was part of the scene in Pershing Square, (map) Los Angeles, where she met John Rechy and he used her for a chapter in his book. A year later she was interviewed in the September 1964 issue of ONE magazine, and expressed scepticism of Rechy's masculinity.

As she was in her early 20s in the early 1960s, she will be in her late 60s now. Did she ever have the operation? Did she give up on femininity and become butch? What did she do with the rest of her life? Neither Charles Casillo nor Lillian Faderman & Stuart Timmons have any extra information.

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