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19 March 2007

Whatever happened to ... Charlotte McLeod?

Charlotte McLeod had the happenstance, perhaps the misfortune, of being too similar to Christine Jorgensen. She was born the same year, 1926. According to the press she had a similar accommodation to the problem of being male, that is, as a boy she was shy and sensitive. Like Jorgensen, she was drafted and served in the US army post-WWII. She arrived in Denmark in 1953, a year after Jorgensen. The Danish parliament had reacted to the kerfuffle by restricting sex-change operations to Danish nationals. She found a renegade doctor to castrate her, but he botched the job and she bled for two weeks, and then she was admitted to hospital, and because of the emergency, the Danish doctors finished the job properly. She returned to New York in April 1954, and briefly was a media sensation. Like Jorgensen she announced plans for a nightclub act. Then the media lost attention.

If still with us, she will now be 80. I wonder what she did after 1954.


Anonymous said...

Charlotte McLeod (born Charles McLeod Jr in Dyersburg, TN about 1030) tried to have a normal life with a husband from New York City. In the late 1960s her marriage and show biz carreer were past. She moved back to Dyersburg and there was some kind of property left there by her mother,
Her father was still living but he never allowed any mention of Charlotte, who attended the same Methodist church she had, long before.
She worked at a local rest home where she was admired, and joined card clubs and may be even a garden club with ladies her own age, who had known her in school.
It seems she had a very conventional "senior years" period. I have no information about her emise, but I saw a clipping from the obits from the local paper. No mention of her fame was made

Watchdog said...

Passed away 16 Sep 2007. Actually born 26 Feb 1925, according to the Social Security Administration.

Leslie Hinson said...

She was my grandmother's good friend and neighbor. She is buried very close to my grandmother. Her tombstone reads that she was born February 26, 1925 and passed away September 15, 2007. I have a photo of her grave but I don't know how to upload a photo to these things. I knew her when I was a little girl but did not know that she was trans until after her death. I have several of her belongings and some interesting memories of her house.