11 November 2013

Holly Ahlberg (1934–) photographer, artist.

Ahlberg was born in Riga. The family lived in German-occupied Poland 1939-45, and then in West Germany until 1952.

After emigration to the US Ahlberg served in the US Army, and lived in New York and Los Angeles, married and became an advertizing photographer.

In the early 1970s, Ahlberg became Holly, divorced, and was accepted at the Stanford University Gender Clinic. However she chose not to have the operation. In 1975 she informed her clients of her change, and lost only a few of them.

She retired in 1985 and has become an artist. In 2013, using Google Earth, she found a previously unknown archaeological site in the Atacama Desert, which has provisionally been named Nuevo Albergis.

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  1. It would seem to me to be fairly common that most trans-people run away and join the Army. I did. It was my way of dealing with the animosity of society. I cite Noel Coward.

    I'm glad she had a positive impact. Good post, Zagria!


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